Players deliberately annoying neighbors; free for all or...

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  1. For the record: No names will be mentioned, I won't share any details because I'm well capable of handling with this without the staff's help. If details need to be shared to look into this then those will be shared in private. I'm not out to "get" another player, but would like to know where us players stand with all this in general.

    The situation: on "some server" I had a residence and I was planning a build there. So far, so good. Then a direct neighbor claimed a residence there which ended up having constant fireworks launching. Redstone circuit, so even if he wasn't there the fireworks would get released. The noisy ones. And to my knowledge there is no way to block the sound of fireworks.

    So I did what I'd usually do; send a friendly message and asked the player if it would be a problem to control the fireworks. At the very least whenever he was away. If he likes it like this; sure! But surely we could set something up; like an on/off switch?

    I didn't got an answer but the indirect answer was clear: more fireworks launching. Have fun unknown user, it takes a lot more to get me upset. I just unclaimed and already got my sights on another nice spot.

    But now I do worry / wonder for new players ending up there.

    I think its a little far stretched to file this under causing drama, but even so... I' d like to know what the official verdict on situations like these would be?
  2. Firework machines are illegal (when the player is not on the res). Contact SS and they can turn them off. What that player did is also against the rules:
    10 Trolling.PNG

    Edit: You unclaimed the res... now you're stuck at three... :(
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  3. Thanks for your comment, wasn't aware that automatic firework was illegal. Hmm, might need to re-read the wiki some more :)

    No worries, I wouldn't have done that if I didn't have a backup plan up my sleeve ;)

    I'll soon be back on SMP5. I just need to wait for a few more days, also because I plan to remain the neighbor to one of my best friends there :)
  4. Yeh, the res diagonally behind mine had a firework system... i always wondered why people randomly 0-1 fps'd or crashed walking in a certain area on my res near spawn....

    I found it to be that when they walked in a particular spot it 'loaded' that chunk - which started a bunch of fireworks that were hanging


    The residence was later unclaimed, and nothing crashes anymore ...

    (luckily, now though) all of my neighbors are perm-protect individuals or staff ... so they should all know the rules xD
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  5. you can get senior staff to break the machines if it gets out of hand and they routinely leave them on when offline.
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  6. I seem to remember a similar situation a long time ago on my old res at /v 308. Curse you, Eclipsys!
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