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  1. It would be neat to have an optional chat blurb for when a player visits your residence,
    "[name] is visiting your res[#]!"
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  2. Possibly an idea that could be toggled with /ps?
    As, if you were having a party, then your chat would get spammed :p
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  3. +1, with the function that huckleberry24 gave...
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  4. By this do you mean the person entering the res or the person who owns the res? Or both?
    Assuming you meant only the person who owns the res, I have a few friends that pop by my res and drop random items and my feet and try not to be seen. You know who you are.

    If it goes both ways, then +1 for me. ^u^
  5. Well actually, i mislead you =P it wasnt me.

    But yes, there are people who like to stay anonymous about their visits and gift-dropping, so if you want to know who's on your res you can always do /c r and then /c who
  6. But then this would ruin my April Fools Prank. I would shoot fire arrows at random peoples houses and they would be so confused. Well I need to find a new one now. :p
  7. One other thing, would this only take effect if they visited the residence that you (the player) are currently on?
    Like, if someone visited your 4th residence, and you were on your 2nd, it wouldn't tell you?
  8. That is why I'd say have the res number in case of multiple residencies
  9. +1

    This would be useful if you were waiting for someone to visit your res, but don't want to wait.
  10. I wouldn't use this myself but like the idea nonetheless.

    Maybe it could be combined with a residence flag. I dunno "notification". Which means that when that is turned on the owner of the res. gets notified of entry/departure whereas when its off... That would also gives "intrudes" an option to check if they can enter anonymously.

    My only concern would be the potential for spamming. So it probably would need a small timer / delay between messages so that you cannot be 'spammed' by merely entering and leaving quickly after each other.
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  11. So it was you! >=P
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  12. Hahhah...
    :D :) :p