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  1. Hello! I like to create threads that involve getting to know each other more so...on this thread I would like you to tell everyone about a member on EMC (Retired or active player) that have inspired you in any way. I will go first! (You may list multiple players)

    My most inspirational players for me is Liasen, He's the one who got me to play EMC and Minecraft in general. But... I know him IRL so I would like to list one more.
    Faustlauncher, I got so fascinated by his small shop when I first started. He is the one who made me start a shop and since then I got hooked on EMC. After I took a break from EMC I noticed that he had joined the staff team and I became glad because it felt like he deserved it. That's the two players who Inspired me early in EMC, otherwise I have gotten inspired by everyone on EMC.

    I hope you will share and let us know you! :)
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  2. bitnibbles_kat is definitely the most inspirational player I have met. He inspires me to play EMC every Dayana when he was banned I was really worried
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  3. While you already have commented on here Krysyy you might wanna tell us who have Inspired you? I know that alot of people would like to know! :)
  4. One of the first players that inspired me was Leowaste. Back then, res tp's and a whole bunch of other stuff didn't even exist and he was one of the first people to attempt having a mega-shop. As such, I also went on to owning and managing the TARDIS Mall of 3553 for a very long time, until I became Senior Staff.
  5. I'm a to-heart Minecraft player. For EMC, I put myself in big building projects that are greatly applauded once I release one. Some of them are what people consider far beyond their expectations.

    I'm also occasionally active here on the forums; I use them to announce the release of a project.

    In addition, I've posted some threads about life lessons. The collection can be found here:

    I'm currently working on an Enderman Farm for SMP8, and I'm raising the expectation bar exponentially from my original one on SMP5.
    For being in The End and with Minecraft 1.9 coming out next year, I really wanted to use the purpur blocks and end rods, but me and everybody else has to wait for Mojang to release 1.9, then Spigot to update, and then the EMC developers to update the servers. There has been several times when I didn't want to start a new project on EMC when I knew about upcoming blocks from Minecraft snapshots. For example: I didn't change my first residence until I could use stained glass for my headquarters. As Grum said at Minecon this year, most people tend to want to use the newest things when possible, and I'm no exception.
    (PS: Apple Inc. exploits this fact to get lots of money.)

    --Grum (To Searge): "I just want to use the new fancy stuff!"
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  6. For those who remember him, D1223m. He had one of the most amazing castles I've ever seen -- really detailed, but also not too gaudy. It was also a shop, and he had amazing color-coded paths and rooms that blended into his castle architecture ( before teleporters were implemented).
    I remember seeing it and thinking... Hey, I want to do something like that.
    He was also just a cool dude :9
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  7. The problem with these threads, in my opinion, is that the questions are easy but the answer most certainly not, at least not for me.

    I guess there is one who fully inspired me, but it feels wrong not to mention the others as well. As such...

    I got a very good first impression about EMC thanks to AussieZaid. Its pretty much almost a year ago when my friends and me landed on EMC and mostly stuck to ourselves. Heavy talks going on about the server we left and how this server was pretty different yet also felt really familiar. And fun, also very important. So here comes AussieZaid, a player who I didn't even knew and comes up to me saying that because of Christmas and all he was doing this event and I got my own Christmas chest on his res. Next moment he learns that Shiyvah is a close friend of mine, so he had to move stuff around a bit and it wasn't easy but it was decided then and there: she got a chest as well.

    That's pretty big for someone who just got onto the server for... what? 2 - 3 weeks? What was in the chest you ask? Yeah, that's the thing: that doesn't matter here. The gesture is what counted, the reaching out to several players on the server.

    Second... 607. I started with a rant on EMC (I sometimes do that from time to time, esp. to get some stuff off my chest) and 607 jumped right in. We talked a lot in private and I really enjoyed that. Goes back and forth a bit, but he definitely inspired me as well on some ends.

    Also very important to me: Palmsugar. She doesn't play often, we also don't meet often but she's awesome :) Ha ha ha, I still recall how she dumped a DC of Enderpearls on both Elfin and myself back then and we both were like "whoah, thats heavy!". Yeah, it definitely was and it was an awesome gesture but we did have a different idea about item value back then :)

    Then there are several honorable mentions... Claremuss and Kephras come to mind, kevmeup who invited me onto his Frontier outpost (see banner) even though I was still somewhat of a rookie. Of course only later did I discover that he joined up not that long before me, but hey ;-) Hmm...

    But after thinking this one over, very heavily, I have to say that Hashhog left the biggest impression on me and inspired me the most. I loved what he did with Apostrophe and I deeply admire his EMC museum (16500, I can even mention it from mind on a Friday evening). In fact the museum is one of my all time favorites and I like spending some quality time there.

    So yeah, there you have it :)
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  8. takurashi is my friend irl that got me in the game. Dwight unintentionally made me keep building up my museum, and highlancer has been a reason for me to keep going.
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  9. Bump it!
  10. In the near future I will list more, but because I am typing this on my iPod, it's kinda laggy :/

    ShelLuser is one of my biggest inspirations on this server. He always helps players out when they're new and when they're as old as me. He's economically rich and his residences are amazing. I aim to have some of his traits and I hope to become a well-respected member like him.
  11. Probably rdmaster. Potion extraordinaire. We made a temporary but very ambitious outpost years ago with a few other friends. Good designer and builder as well