Player Graveyard? I think..

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  1. Hello all! Tis the season to be spooky.. Right? Since its October and all, I decided to try and make a "Player Graveyard" on SMP9. I figured it would fit in with Halloween.. So, Being at that. I would like to fill Most (Or all) of the grave sites with some of you lovely people! ;) If by any chance you would like to be put in this Graveyard, all you have to do is Comment bellow your "Reason Of Death" Which you may make as you desire. Or you may shoot me a message on the forums. (Donating your player head and or any desired head is optional) Thank you all! Have a lovely weekend and stay safe! :D

    Now, I shall include some images.

    (Overview of some of the graves)

    (Yes I added some sort of Witches Tower.. Why? I have no clue)

    (Inside the Witches Tower)

    Note: If you see flaming bats DO NOT be alarmed.. They feel no pain.. Also, If you experience lag. I apologize ahead of time.. My "Shop" seems to be Lag City..

    If you'd like it visit my "Player Graveyard" feel free to come to @19945 (SMP9) :)
  2. this looks absolutly amazing
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  3. This looks awesome. I'd be honored to be buried here.

    Reason of Death: Forgot she can't fly irl.
  4. Thanks Krysyy! :D Appreciate it!
    (Such a unique way of death.. lol)
  5. reason: followed a purple chicken over a road

    awesome built btw :D
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  6. Grave has been made! (Sadly couldn't fit all of it but made it work lol)
    Thank you very much! :D
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  7. Awesome build!

    reason of death; working overtime
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  8. Your grave has been made ;)
    Thank you tons! :D
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  9. Such an awesome build! The trees are amazing.
    Reason for death: Villager uprising
  10. Thank you kindly! :D
    (Your grave has been made)
  11. That looks great!

    Reason of death: fought with a chicken.
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  12. Thanks! :D
  13. wowee! that looks pretty amazing!
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  14. Reason of death: Hit by a falling coconut.

    It looks amazing, great build.
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  15. ive always messed around making them for others...but never thought id have one of my own XD
    reason of death: miscalculated his numbers
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  16. Awesome build.
    Reason of death: having too much fun.
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  17. This is an awesome build :D

    Reason of death: fat tortoise dropped on my head
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  18. Shadow Dcord
    Reason: Got to close to the truth.
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  19. Nice job bud.

    Reason for death: Got Krysyy mad at me. I was just kidding. Really. Please don't get mad at me.
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  20. epic place
    Reason of death: Killing chat 1 to many times
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