Planting 200,000 Oak Trees with YOUR help!!!

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  1. How's it going guys? I recently made a thread discussing how I wanted to be as generous as Mr Beast. Im starting off my generosity run by planting 200,000 trees with the help of you all. Basically what I'm asking is that you donate me any oak sapling or bonemeal that you have. Based on my calculations, I'll need 3,125 stacks of saplings and possibly triple that in bonemeal. Does it sound impossible? Yes. Do I know that you all can do it? Of course! All you need to do is comment on this thread and tell me where to pick up the saplings or bonemeal. When I obtain the needed 3,125 stacks of saplings, I will mention the names everyone who helped make this possible. Another small favor I have to ask is what SMP would be the best to plant these trees. I know you all can do it!
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  2. I will see what I have in my storage.

    I pick smp2.
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  3. Noble cause! I have a little over a DC of bonemeal and 18 stacks of saplings to contribute.

    You can pickup on smp3 at /v 7100
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  4. Do we really need so many trees? :p
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  5. Yes
  6. The fact we know about trees they provide the oxygen for us. #Science
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  7. Not in Minecraft, though. :p
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