Plans, Confessions, and New Ideas

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  1. I have been stuck on the idea of a residence. I have made small shop, big malls, but none seem to come in play. I was so happy to make my 930 mega mall, but to much stuff has happen. First of all, I have been doing lots of IRL school stuff. My school was hit by hurricane sandy, making us still be in school. Next week is when we will finally leave the school. The second this is that I have joined the amazing outpost, New Republic. I have been into NR too much, because I haven't even been able to finish the mega mall(not saying this in a bad way, because New Republic is a pretty cool outpost.)

    So here is the MAIN thing I wanted to ask. What should I do with my residence on smp1, 930? I have been thinking of making potion shops or enchanting shops, but I want to make something new. Something never made. Something that would benefit ALL of empire. Maybe I could just make food shops or something. Or a big factory of stuff so I can auction items weekly. I would really appreciate if someone could just give me ideas, because I just can not think of any ideas.
  2. 1. Keep a library.
    2. Make a sugar cane farm.
    3. Make as many Double Chests as you can, hoard diamonds, and use a few to store stuff from the Wastelands, to auction.
  3. Well, community farms would be great if people did not grief. I guess a massive drop party every few months would interest a lot of people.
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