Piston Glitch

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by UltiPig, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. I made an automatic wheat farm on my residence on smp8, and after they rebooted the server, my pistons turned invisible and it's impossible to break!!

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  2. Wow, this is a new one for me. Try updating a nearby block.
    Are the Pistons extended? What happens when you power/ unpower them?
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  3. well i got better details. hitbox of it has moved up half a block. it pushes the player outward when stepping into it. hitting it looks like bedrock particals.
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  4. the hitbox up half a block just seems to be with mine. other peoples are usually right where the pistons where.
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  5. Nothing happens when I power/unpower them. I'll try to update the nearby blocks. Thanks!
  6. Updating the nearby blocks does nothing. My hubby bellumintus destroyed all of the blocks in and around his cobble generator, but for some reason there's an invisible and (so far) indestructible block where cobble would have been generated by the water/ lava reaction. On my res my system I developed to help with my sheep farm is totally bust also. I cannot get the sticky or regular pistons to operate to turn from on state to off, even by removing the power source entirely. I give up until the issue gets fixed.
  7. Did out guys try pushing or pulling this invisible blocks with pistons? Lol
  8. This block is Block X. It is a result of Bukkit, since they changed alot of code, somethings are very glitchy, this being one of them. If you need more information, link. Also, although it remains untested with explosives, as I don't have acess to them, I am pretty sure they are unbreakable.
  9. I find it kind of funny that the Bukkit team is helping out mojang with some code but they still manage to fail at stabilizing Bukkit.
  10. I really hope that Justin has a back up of the towns recently, cuz a lot of peoples farms just got destroyed
  11. try closeing and opening minecraft, if that dosent work, restart yout pc and/or your internet. that glitch hapend with me i just had to restart my pc.
  12. rebooting doesn't help. Most of my pistons have disappeared - screwing up my wheat farm, and my slidding doors (losst lapis and diamond blocks). Interestingly enough all my pistons in the wild are working correctly.
  13. the unbreakable piston glitch happend to me, i restarted my pc, mc and my internet
  14. Oh maybe the glitch is what made my stone gen stop working
  15. Also, with Block X, the message you cannot build here doesn't appear. However, it does with bedrock. And since they work in the wild evidently, maybe it has to do with that?
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  16. Restart doesn't work... also reporting the same issue while using vanilla minecraft client side.
  17. Hm. Well, Bukkit put on a list of "their" glitches.
  18. This morning some of my pistons have re-appeared (automatic wheat farm is now working) but not all (half the sticky pistons and attched blocks on my sliding door have appeared) There really doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason with these glitches.
  19. If it's invisible, try right clicking the blocks, when I encounter invisible unbreakable blocks, right clicking them makes them go poof for me.
  20. this happened in 2012 during Minecraft 1.2.5 and you just bumped it ^^^^
    Besides, the pistons reappeared several days later when the bug was fixed
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