Piston Cobble Stone Gen TUT ASAP

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  1. I forgot but it's a really cool one were you got this little structure and you got 2 sticky pistons and 2 regular and it pushes to you can anyone give me the link to the youtube for the tutorial please need it ASAP
  2. why do you need a cobble gen, it is a waste of space and money (you hardly making any money on that), where as mining in the wild will get you to earn at least 1k a day!
  3. it's for a diffrent server
  4. smp1 - 1989

    Fastest and best cobble gen possible. look around for it.

    Its 12 blocks...
  5. Need a tutorial
  6. COME ONE!!
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  7. I got one at my res at 10215... You can look at it. Follow the signs!
  8. N
    No I am talking about a youtube tut
  9. Can't you just search for it on youtube?
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  10. For the time it will likely take for this thread to bear any fruit, you could just google it.
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  11. Yay we all like metaphors or similies or something like that. ;)
  12. I been searching google and youtube can't seem to find it anymore
  13. If you can remember what day you were watching it, go through your browsing history and see if you can find it that way. Also, try to remember what keyword you used or if you found it while searching for something else.

    There are plenty of tutorials and I could pick one I like and link it, but you're asking for a specific one. Of all the people here, you are the one best suited to search for and recognize this tutorial.