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  1. Basically the Idea is to add more information to the /ping commands output such as What is a good Ping-rate for EMC / Minecraft game-play. Would be interesting to see upon login a chat message saying your ping-rate and if the connection is good or not (toggled via /ps settings).

    Some players come in complaining about lag on EMC and the /tps is fine, however upon inspection to the players ping-rate, its explainable why the player has lag.

    Example of Before Suggestion:
    Your ping is 96 ms

    After Suggestion
    Your ping is 96 ms ( Ping-Rate is Good )
    Your ping is 596 ms ( Ping-Rate is slow - May experience lag)
    Extra colorization is not necessary but extra helpful. Extra Information however is.
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  2. So basically just automate the commands we have, and default is toggled off? I could see this being useful and not hard to implement
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  3. Well pingrate is something i would like to personally see for when i login. If by default its off and I gotta turn it on, that is fine with me. The reason being is some users hop on emc and complain of lag and they do not quite understand that even if they got 100fps and /tps shows no lag that there is more to the "hiccup" if you wanna call it that.

    However when telling people about /ping, they do not understand pingrate and thing larger number = better. :p It is hilarious until you got to explain what a pingrate is. So if emc took it upon itself to say hey your 1ms ping = good and 700ms = bad. Then that simplifies anything and everything. Maybe add a wiki section to explain a good range and a bad range.
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  4. People learn more/better when they are not just handed information. If they have to look it up or have it explained to them, it is more likely that they will understand. If they use /ping and see "bad" (even if it said "your ping is bad", it would still happen), and they don't know what ping is, how are they supposed to know the difference between server ping issues and personal ping issues? They will just continue to blame the easiest thing, the server.
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  5. My only defense to that the player can look at the outpost and see "connection is good" and have the thought of "emc would never lie to me?" Or would it? <--- :rolleyes:

    Oh! Other Defense.
    Aikar added /ping for a reason and adding 1 line. Using a Conditional Ternary Statement would not really impact server resources.

    Of course PHP is different than Java but a simple example can be provided.
    $output = ($pingrate > 250 ? "Connection is bad" : "connection  is good");
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  6. mojangs ping system isnt too reliable, but an average system like the /tps command does would be nice, and then warn user if their average is high (id say 600+ as some AU people likely play around 300-400 and wouldnt want to annoy them)

    It wouldnt be able to do it immediate on login cause it would need time to collect the data.

    But this is all built into MC itself, so not sure full details on how mojang calculates it cause people have seen some weird results, which is why it would have to be based on averages
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  7. Hmm that is interesting actually, A more reliable system would be nice though. I do like your take on the Avg As well. Very interesting :D.
  8. I think the way large servers do it is getting the average of a few attempts in a very short time (few seconds), and retrying if it gets something impossible (negative numbers, 2 million, etc.).
  9. I remember (about 3 years ago) I had ~50ms Ping, I thought that was terrible (I had seen some youtubers with higher pings, so initially thought theirs was better). Oh how wrong I was :p
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  10. I have not seen any errors like that yet. Ive only seen it up to like 700ms for me and I would go to move 1 block. IT would take almost 1 minute for everything to realize i moved.
  11. I kept reading it has pin grate and was confused throughout the entire suggestion. ( ._.)

  12. Although i was confused on what you meant, i did figure it out and went back to help remedy your confusion. :)