PineappleGem's AMA Numero Uno!

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  1. Hi EMC!

    So if you do /p PineappleGem, you'll see that ... well today is not really a special day on EMC for me (pretty sure).

    BUT ... today is the day of my 150 day voting streak!! Which means I get a ton of rupees and tokens, as well as the VOTERS SHEARS.

    Which is the ultimate goal I've been aiming for since I first looked at the voting rewards page more than 5 months ago. I WANT THOSE UNBREAKABLE SHEARS.

    And you have no idea how excited I actually am for this. If I had an occupation in Minecraft, it would probably be shearing sheep or wood cutting. :p

    So anyway ...

    I'm holding an AMA, so feel free to ask me any question, and I'll answer it as long as it's not too creepily personal.

    Ask away!

    (There may be a giveaway too, but most likely not.)
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  2. Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?
  3. Whats the airspeed velocity of an unladen Swallow?

    Joking aside

    Favorite moment since joining?
  4. How long do you go to school, as you only have spare time on Friday?
  5. Woot, questions already!

    "Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?"
    -The horses ... they would be really cute and tiny, then, wouldn't they? :) A huge duck would be weird.

    "What's the airspeed velocity of an unladen Swallow?"
    -Ugh, physics. I recently took a horrible midterm on physics. Next question please ...
    "Favorite moment since joining?"
    -Hmm, hard question. Probably the first Friday Night Mining led by MrSocks75.

    "How long do you go to school, as you only have spare time on Friday?"
    -6 hour school day, as I think is the usual for US kids. It's not like I don't have time to play MC on weekdays, it's more like my parents don't allow me to. No videogames on weekdays. Which I agree with - I have too much school HW and studying to do to procrastinate (even MORE) with playing MC. I procrastinate on Pinterest and on the EMC forums. :p Friday is the day I look forward to!
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  6. bump - ask me more questions :)
  7. What is the passing great on your school?
  8. tuqueque:
    "What is the passing grade on your school?"
    - I believe any grade under a 70 is considered failing. Yeah, my school is hardcore. :p
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  9. What is your preferred number of socks to be wearing at one given time?
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  10. ScarTheNinja:
    "What is your preferred number of socks to be wearing at one given time?"
    - Uh, 2 socks? One for each foot? :eek:
  11. What is your favorite block/item in Minecraft?

    How many robots will it take to take over the World?
  12. Why PineappleGem? Why did you choose that name? :)
  13. At my school below 70 is a fail, Below 80 is bad. Two quarter grades in a row of below 80 gets you kicked out. :D
  14. I prefer 6, but I often do 4 out of laziness to find more.
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  15. Bro_im_infinite:
    "What is your favorite block/item in Minecraft?"
    -Ooh, that's a tough one! Would it be cliché (with accent over the e :p) if I said quartz blocks? Or maybe diamond blocks. Hmm, or maybe gold blocks. BLOCKS are too hard! Item ... maybe item frames? I use 'em a lot.

    "How many robots will it take to take over the World?"
    - One huge one.

    "Why PineappleGem? Why did you choose that name?"
    - Originally when I was signing up, I contemplated using a name that I had come up with for a different game - RoseBerryGem. I decided it would be a bit too girly, plus my brother (who bought both of our accounts for my bday that year) didn't like it. So I went through some different fruits, settling on pineapple. It just sounded "right". :)

    Of course, at the time, my brother was all like "really?", but I typed it in, and now here I am! :p

    Thanks for all the questions so far, guys! Ask me more; I love answering questions.
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  16. Why do you love answering questions? :p
  17. flamingpotato42: (double question, huh? :eek: :D)
    "Why do you love answering questions?"
    - Maybe mostly because I never know what question I'll get, and then I actually have to think about what my answer will be. Like this question - it's pretty difficult to answer! See, isn't this fun? :) Same reason I love surveys (usually) and like those personality quizzes. I'm a naturally curious person, I guess. :p

    Sorry for the excessive use of emoticons.
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  18. Lol. I like 0 if I'm lazy, 2 if I'm putting on sneakers, and 4 if I'm in the basement during the winter. :p
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  19. Do you walk upside down, sideways, or backwards?
    (I prefer to walk upside down, obviously)
  20. I wish I could walk upside down. I tend to walk sideways, and think backwards.
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