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  1. I have been working on this texture pack for over 2 years now slowly adding textures from other texture packs to it and all that. I decided to release it for everyone to use it for what ever u would like to use it for it has low red fire for pvpers, redstone stuff for redstoners and many other things like colored shulker box guis so here is the link

    Pikful 1.12.2 http://www.mediafire.com/file/508j40et6je81ni/Pikful_1.4.9-1.12.2_1.13.1.zip/file
  2. awesome! I usually don't view texture packs, but Ill download it and see what yours is like :D.
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  3. I've been hearing you talk about this pack for years now I can finally check it out :p
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  4. When you combine this with Forever Enhanced (made by ForeverMaster), OMG. It is AWESOME.
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  6. I'll download it, I've been checking out a lot of different texture packs.

    I think it's really cool when people I know make texture packs :)
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  7. I am still updating my main texture/resource pack. It has been renamed to "FM Vanilla". While I based the pack on a bunch of other ones and the future of Minecraft (NewDefault textures), I try to make a significant amount of the changes from Default my own.

    I also started a new add-on resource pack for EMC specifically. I figured out how to give the servers' custom content unique textures through Optifine. The pack is called "EMC Optifine".

    You can access and download both the resource packs FM Vanilla and EMC Optifine through the Google Drive links under my forum signature.


    I did look briefly inside OP's pack.
    How the shulker box GUIs are colored and designs thematically fits, though some blocks/items are not as easy to see over some colors as other ones. So, I prefer to keep variation in inventory slots minimal/subtle.
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