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  1. I'm not sure what will become of this thread. It's just that I've realized that I like to take pictures and edit them to look pretty, and I've only been sharing them with friends and family. I think that I might share a couple with you guys because, why not? Perhaps you can give me some criticism.

    Here is one I took today (not edited yet) while on our boat, coming back from dinner:
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  2. Oo nice :)
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  3. That picture is awesome. I took a pic of the sun setting and the clouds were pink and it was cool, if I find the photo ill show ya :p Also the clouds look so fluffy XD
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  4. The best thing about it is I don't have a professional camera or editing program or anything, I just use an iPhone 6 and a free app called Snapseed. <3
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  5. Beautiful!
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  6. <amazed skeleton noise> This is the most epic sunset with clouds picture if seen, and I love these kinds of moments because they are simply relaxing and incredible
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    An orange conure (I think) that I saw at Pet Co. I would've taken him home with me, but he cost about $700. This one is edited by the way. I cranked up the contrast and saturation, and then added a vignette.
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    Sunset out on the boat again, except this one was edited a little.
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  9. These are so nice, thanks for sharing!!
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  10. I agree, these pictures are amazing keep up the good work!
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  11. Thanks for all the feedback! I really appreciate it!

    Here is a picture of the carousel at Cedar Point that I edited. It was night and I think it turned out pretty well.
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  12. And I think it did too! :D
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  13. This is beautiful
  14. I agree
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  15. Finally got around to editing that original sunset pic that I posted... What do you guys think of it in comparison to the original?
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  16. It looks beautiful but honestly i like the original one better, but this one is still good :D
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  17. Hm... not sure, both look really good.
    But I think the edited one is a bit too much for my tastes. I really like the style, but I think it was slightly overdone. (just my opinion, though, other people might like that)
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  18. Looking at it now, I agree... I think I turned the saturation up too far. The sun kind of hurts my eyes >.<

    Anyway, here's one from a couple weekends ago when my face was fried and I didn't feel like going back out on the boat, so I took pictures from the dock. This one is edited as well. I think it turned out okay.
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  19. And sorry for the double post, but I turned down the saturation, detail, and contrast and I think it might be a little more easy on the eyes than it was before. :pBest Minecraft Servers
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  20. Yes! I love that!!
    I think you found a good balance now! :)
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