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  1. Too many auction threads, here's some of my stuff

    Chicago Landscape

    Spider eating a moth

    My dog

    A birb

    Also, here's my Flickr gallery
  2. Chicago's looking extra-bleak I see.
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  3. Fantastic! I love the shots. That Golden Retriever looks so happy.
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  4. Is that lucky green birb?
  5. Oh my, I would kiss that dog on the face!!
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  6. It might change you back to a man.
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  7. Hmm good point *visits matty
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  8. Pretty sure that birb is gray :^)
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  9. He dyed his hair
  10. These are some nice pictures :)
  11. Those ducks are adorable. Nice shots :)
    Please, that's clearly a fake, all the clouds over Chicago are scheduled to be in the shapes of Cubs logos for at least three more months.
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  12. afbanfakx;a lbajbfalk birdies!
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  13. I just want to say how awesome I think it is to still see you around Matheus!