[Pick a Number] Kyle Days (1 year on EMC)

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  1. Hello everyone! I will be doing a parade at 6001. No I don't mean a parade like Macy's but like events like horse races, boat races, foot races, and many more. This will be a fun event where everyone will get to enjoy the fun of Minecraft. We will be using 2(Prob more) residences and people will have to /v with them. On the other side it will be like /v +KyleDays1.
    Booth Application:

    Put this in your signature

    Date and Time:
    February 1st http://itsalmo.st/#kyledays
    12:00 PM PST
    (Time may change)
    Postponed due to lack of donations and time

    Time now
    February 8th http://itsalmo.st/#take2kyledays
    12:00 PM PST
    Pick a number between 1-500

    Numbers list: http://kyledays.weebly.com/1/post/2014/01/numbers.html

    Prizes will be at least 50k

    Just donate to kyle12cu1

    The booths are free and you can do what ever you want to do with it in the 4X4 square. Make a chest shop, watch the show, etc....
    Sign up at http://kyledays.weebly.com/contact.html

    Purpose: 1 year on EMC!!!!
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  2. Donators:
    BevK56 - 2.5k
    LuckyGreenBird - 2k
  3. 300 PLEASE :DD
  4. 13 please! Lucky number
  5. 42, the answer to life for me plox.
  6. Please, hehe.
  7. please
  8. Can I get 14 please?
  9. 404 please ;)