Photoshop :D

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  1. First! I will tell al the guys that this is not a building page :)
    Tis is one of the photos that I just made of my skin, I very like it :)
    You also?

    I like to hear a feed back :D

    btw, this is my OWN creation!
  2. clown?

    Yes my skin is in some eyes scary, I like the story of the herobrine, there is bloody in my name so there was the bloody "herobrine"
  3. "the joker"
    'nuff said
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  4. I just made this, it's a varient of my new profile pic:

    I also made that.
    Your pic creeps me out.
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  5. Haha, its a toaster! :p
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  6. You forgot to snip your post!!!! :p
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  7. I am SparerToaster.
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  8. Hmm, nice... I think?
    Yes, yes its nice.
  9. Flesh-Eating herobrine with glowing white eyes.
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  10. More like demonic.
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  11. can omeone make me a cool thing like that with a shark because finsup2010
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  12. I can try in paint...
  13. Thanks for the "feedback" guys, I will make more of this art if I have time :)
  14. What photoshop program do you use?
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  15. can you send me that skin? its cool.
  16. photoshop cs5
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  17. Thanks that you like my skin, I only will keep it for myself, maybe later :)
  18. I've got photoshop Cs6, I'm not really goof though.
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  19. hm, cs5 and 6 are almost the same
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