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  1. Okay, this has been a long time coming...

    I have seen this happen and had it happen to me far too many times, and now it's getting ridiculous.
    Of all the times I've had people deliberately follow me and get in my face, I have this to say.

    It. Has. To. Stop.

    Sure, it might be fun to you guys to have your little laughs and stuff.
    But ultimately, some people don't like it and jokes can go too far.

    I must also refer people to both these found in the rules.
    • Do not negatively troll other players. We're all up for a joke, but when people start getting upset, it's no longer funny.
    • Be aware of personal space. Even though this is a game and your avatar is not you, be polite and do not run into people or get in their face unnecessarily, just like you wouldn't in real life.
    I hope people can take the time to read this and realise that this can no longer continue.
    Thanks for reading.
  2. Isn't it a part of minecraft? Not much you can do to end it honestly.
  3. After multiple kind requests to said players asking them to stop, it becomes a problem.
  4. If it is on your res take off move for them :)
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  5. It doesn't have to just be online, it could be on forums, chat, or physically on game. I've had all happen
  6. Surprisingly enough, they often do it at special events where I do not have that option, funny that. :)
    And now, I don't mean drop parties, it is unavoidable there, but in other situations...
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  7. Yeah, I totally don't do this >.>

    Sorry :p
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  8. Will power to not smack a noob
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  9. Imagine a magical block, like the minigames servers have, that toggle whether you can see players or not.
  10. But per player
  11. Maybe you can see group members? Or a possible new gui...
  12. I always thought a residence mute would be nice - set a perm - forcing people to not able to use chat while on your residence (excluding staff) for a few reasons:

    Sometimes I try to do things and multiple people will go onto my residence and try bugging me and it keeps me from finishing faster.

    Chat is one of the biggest factors of lag - and if you have a lot of people on a residence during events, mob arenas, or other events, it both helps reduce lag - and allows for no chat cheating - and allows for staff to be heard easier.

    lastly player experience, some things made do not or should not require chat - and if people use chat while on certain residences it could both increase their chances of winning or distract people from performing better.
  13. Sorry for causing this, Rainbow. I guess I took it a little too far.
  14. I didn't wish to name people, I feel this is more of a general problem.
    But nonetheless, apology accepted :)
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  15. I wonder if ICC, aikar and the mods feel the same getting stalked by us players watching Their evil plans >:D