People controlling the empire

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  1. Just my opinion, but I think EMC needs more moderators on. I just looked, and only one was on, moderating what's going on on only one server. That server probably has a good discipline rule on it. But just saying, you know. :)
  2. Mods, admins and senior staff are not always visibile when online, just FYI.
  3. We actually have a very dedicated team of staff, who can be found HERE

    Even if a staff member is not currently online, the may be watching. They have lots of fancy tools that allow them to regulate the servers wether they are currently online or not. Also, our great community is quite good about telling minor rule breakers, such as spammers, to stop, and our report system allows serious issues to be brought to all staff members attentions on a separate website/tool.
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  4. Well that's defiantly possible, but you get the idea right? :$
  5. Three more mods just joined just as I posted this
  6. Even if the staff are offline the servers, I think we are trusted enough to be left alone. Besides, we have /report
  7. I suppose . . .
  8. Wait, what?
  9. i remember once, maxarias wasn't actually on smp5 during a mobarena event, but she was still talking and controlling it
  10. Senior staff and above have the ability to vanish, so she was on,
  11. i did /who and it didn't list her
  12. Keep in mind that some commands can lie to you - and only you
  13. Of course it wouldn't, she wouldn't be hidden if /who could get her
  14. Woa, boa constrictor.
  15. If you are in vanish mode it wont pop up on the tab or /who menu. But just saying maybe emc should recruite more moderators and stuff. Again just my preference. :p
  16. That face was not supposed to be on there btw. :8
  17. :) :( :0 :p XD :\ :/ :! :3 ;( ;) ;\ ;/ ;p
  18. Dude are you bipolar? ^
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