Pen's Weekly Rant #2

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Next week's topic?

Poll closed Nov 13, 2012.
Memes 9 vote(s) 28.1%
Coral Reefs 4 vote(s) 12.5%
Tripping people 19 vote(s) 59.4%
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  1. Yes, it has returned. I'm afraid I have forgotten about this.
    This week's rant is on banana bread. Banana bread. Where to begin…American cookbooks had banana bread as a standard recipe due to the popularity of baking soda/powder. It's made with bananas.
    I personally like it sometimes. I have something with pastry items (future rant, maybe) that I can't eat a lot of. The variation of banana bread entitled, banana nut bread is the best in my opinion. Why? Because it has nuts. Anything that has nuts MAY taste better. Like rice and chocolate (no, not chocolate nut rice).
    Banana bread is too flakey. At least the ones I make seem like that. The sweetness is a nice touch.
    Apparently, the Vietnamese have something similar to this. Haven't tried that, so I can't compare.
    All in all, banana bread is a fine snack, breakfast, side at lunch or dinner. Thanksgiving is coming up in America and that might be an option. ;)
    Enjoy the bread.
    -Pen out.
  2. Lol. Cool rant.
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  3. Lol this was funny
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  4. Nice work I'm glad this is back.
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  5. Me too. :)
    Looks like I won't be able to do coral reefs next week. :rolleyes:
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  6. Well this is a rather dry vote…1 for Coral Reefs, 2 for memes, 3 for tripping people. Remember, vote early, vote often. :D
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  7. I could write a considerably longer rant about f****** Hurricane Sandy.
  8. I don't like bananas...
  9. Ok, rant about it. :p
  10. Zucchini bread is better.

    That is all.
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  11. Hm. Possible topic for a future rant…
  12. BANANA BREAD is the most amazing thing ever :D
  13. Tripping People, oh ma gawd, everyone vote that. I want too see your rant. :p
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  14. You should try Pumpkin Bread.
  15. Your rant is awfully... complimentary.

    I like banana bread sometimes. I like banana nut bread more. Nuts. Chocolate Rice. Too Flaky. The end.

    I am just confused of the 'rant' properties... :p

    I see rant, and I personally think, 'OH SOMETHINGS GONNA GET IT ALL WORD STYLE UP IN DIS PIECE'.. thats actually how I talk at home.

    And then I get here, and its just a compliment on the bread, and once sentence claiming how flaky it is. There is not enough bash on the bread for me to feel the warmth of the rant. I feel you should have chosen a topic that would have brought more emotion, more angst. If you can not truly 'rant' about something... why make it an option on the poll :p.
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  16. Now if you could write a rant about us complaining you didn't rant an appropriate enough amount the first time, then that may be a rant worthy of the word. We would have to push a bit harder to make the anger truly show through though. :p

    It was a good ad for banana bread though, I could go something banana flavour right now, with nuts! :)
  17. In case you can not tell thus far, us Staffies do indeed know how to rant, as we have seen our fair share :p.
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  18. Double Chocolate zucchini bread
  19. Fix'd. inb4 "It rambles and switches back and forth" Rants tend to do that.

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