1.4 has made me very angry

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by warthogfox, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. I am angry for no reason.
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  2. It is a halloween thing... If you are that upset with it then. yeah. Its halloween have fun with it.
  3. You expect a mod to know why you're having inventory problems? They're not coders, they're just players basically... cut them some slack...

    It's one day of fun... enjoy it while it lasts...
  4. Lighten up. Its a game. Unless you entered a code, you also appear as a mob to all other players.

    Edit: /U to undisguise yourself.
  5. Yeah there was bats last night on 8.. seemed to be the popular one
  6. Its just fun!
  7. He's just trolling
  8. It's Halloween fun just for today, and is not permanent.
  9. Someone alert the presses again. Free Will continues to reign supreme on EMC as a player announces they are choosing not to play for 9 days because they have no sense of humor!
  10. You call us immature. Then you do that.
  11. I don't understand how you're upset by people having fun. Moderators volunteer to do the work they do, and don't get paid for it, so I think they deserve to have a little fun.

    Just because a person looks a little different does not change how they do a job..
  12. warthogfox. I am sorry that I upset you. Mob Disguise is only on for today. I WOULD HAVE welcome you back with no hard feelings. :)
  13. Thats for real life and in game.
  14. I'm just very angry because people are having fun.
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  15. .... the empire's the best servers ever....
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  16. Laters, dont forget to pull the lever down so the iron door doesn't hit your bum
  17. you are definetley annoying me now
  18. Wow.. some peoples kids. Oh well honestly if someone is going to act like that EMC will be better without them. How about we have a greif party on his res!! You up for is Max?
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