Penguin's UHC | Sunday, 4 PM EST

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by PenguinDJ, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. Got it working eh :p Nice
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  2. Currently crying actual tears of Jesus. This will be awesome.
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  3. Hopefully this won't contain all the crap from Chin's UHC. I look forward to this!
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  4. Same
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  5. Took me long enough to do so. :p
    I hope so!
    Good to hear you're looking forward to it. :)
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  6. I am assuming if the first one goes well then there will be more to come after?
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  7. I'm so happy. I love you. XD
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  8. If this one goes well, I plan to host until Rainbow's UHC returns. :)
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  9. I love you too. <3
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  10. I won't be able to make it this week, though; my Giants are gonna go kick some Patriots butt at 4:25 :p
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  11. I am a jet fan but go GIANTS!
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  12. cool beans
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  13. As long as the Giants kick the Patriots' butt I'm happy. :p
    Woo giants! I am not a giants fan but I dislike the patriots. Like, a lot. I'd mention that they're cheaters, but I wouldn't want to derail the thread or anything... :rolleyes:

    I did that once - call the Patriots cheaters to a Pats fan. As a joke, of course. But the reaction was funny.
    yay beans
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  14. Get off my awesome Patriots :p
  15. also what will winner get
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  16. Will there be prizes for winning teams? IE Rupees, Promos, or even a Book signed by you with details of the event?
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  17. I think it's for fun, just like normal UHC.
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  18. Love it bro! May I ask something, will current EMC staff be OP'd for this? Or will you have something like a* application and let trusted players be OP'ed incase you can't be on and they carry it on.
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