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    Hello! As you might know, I own and operate a residence on SMP5 dedicated to parkour. The aim is over 16 courses of all types - be it ladder, piston, and (soon) slime block parkour!

    Penguin's Parkour is located on SMP5, at residence #11217.

    When you arrive, you'll be in the Hub where you can select a course to play. Just step on any pressure plate and you'll be teleported to the course. You can teleport directly to a course's start by using the command /v 11217@color, where color is the course name. All courses are named after the colors of wool, with the exception of a few.

    That's all you really need to know, but there's much more information in this post and the next few. You can find more information on the parkour below:

    Approval & Testing
    I will get each course approved as it is made, and you can see the status of approval on the last line of the course destination sign in the Hub. It will be approved, pending, or not approved. However, all courses are tested for possibility before being officially added.

    If you think you've found an impossible jump (I may have broken something, or the redstone might be messed up), please tell me immediately so I can fix it.

    You may also run into a work in progress course, marked with a W.I.P on the sign. These courses will most likely be incomplete.

    I will occasionally hold events, which I like to classify into 3 levels:
    Level I - On-the-spot events: I will occasionally advertise to SMP5 that I'm holding an event for the first person to complete a selected course, usually with a small prize. These usually occur after I build a new course.

    Level II - Forum Events: I will advertise level II events to the forums, usually with a relatively large prize (10-20k) for the first person to complete a certain course or courses. My goal is monthly, but that may not always be the case, especially to start.

    Level III - Competitions: These are very rare, and will usually be on a different residence, with large prizes. I have no plans to host a competition yet.

    Cheating and Enderpearls
    With a large number of courses, they have to be stacked. You might fall down onto another course accidentally (or purposely). This is fine; you can continue the course you fell onto or restart the course you originally picked.

    You may also notice that enderpearl flag is on, and that is intentional. If you're stuck on a jump, you shouldn't be stuck there forever - grab an enderpearl and skip it!

    Feel free to "cheat" as much as you'd like, except during events (I prevent as forms of cheating as I can during these). I don't mind if you use enderpearls, and it makes your experience better as well!

    Feel free to donate as much as you want. There are donation emeralds in the Hub for 250r and 1,000r, but you can always donate more if you want to. Be sure to leave a reply if you happen to donate rupees by manually. Rupees help the most, but I may need items, too, so ask me if you'd like to donate anything to make sure I really need it. Donating 2,500r or more gets you listed as a Donator.

    Why donate? I need to buy supplies to make the courses. (I've spent 16k on one course alone in wool and redstone, not to mention over a single chest of quartz blocks out of pocket!) I do enjoy making parkour courses, and I will continue even without donations, but the time between course creations may increase, depending on my rupee balance at the time.

    10,000r - cadenman2002

    Thank You
    Some people have done some incredible things for Penguin's Parkour, and definitely deserve a shout-out:
    ShelLuser - Created a beacon control switch that allowed me to actually use my own courses. Shel has also helped me out tremendously with the redstone for the blue course, and a very important part of that course wouldn't exist if not for him.
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    The best way to experience all that Penguin's Parkour has to offer is to play it for yourself, but if you want a sneak peak, you can look below for some general information.
    Arguably the hardest course here, the White course is entirely ladder parkour. It can be confusing at points, but look for sneaky ninja ladders to jump to - and remember, always plan out your next jump!

    The Pink course is relatively simple, but can be very disorienting at times. It's the first course to feature teleports, and makes full use of the residential teleport system.

    The Blue course is 11217's first piston parkour course, with several puzzling and difficult aspects. Get your timing down before making any jumps!
    Name: Silver
    Difficulty: Medium
    Length: Average

    The Silver course is not too hard, but has some puzzling aspects to it (pistons). It's a fun, simple course that has a little bit of everything thrown in.

  3. Ill test them tommowrrow!
  4. AwesomeEpic (if that even was a word)
  5. Bump! Blue course coming soon. :)
  6. Bout to donate 15k on this :D
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  7. Park your feet on this AMAZING parkour today! (Use this as a "What parkourers have said about this parkour" thing)
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  8. That blue course looks strangely familiar :)
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  9. Why have the enderpearl flag and the buffs flag been turned off?
  10. Enderpearl is fixed. Buffs flag will remain off because there would be jump boost covering a corner of the res and, well, it'd ruin that part of it.
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  11. I think I can answer that but Penguin is obviously the better person for it.

    The enderpearl flag allows you to use enderpearls to get to certain locations. All of Penguins parkours (to my knowledge) have been made with effort in mind. So using enderpearls would go right against that and defeat the purpose of the obstacles. The idea is to carefully run and jump, not to teleport.

    Oh well, and I stand corrected about enderpearls. I'm leaving my say about buffs below and will move onto another subject ;)

    To some extend the same applies to the buff flag. The parkour was made without beacon effects in mind. For example; some areas are made so that you need to tactically around and jump around to reach higher places. Allowing a beacon effect, such as jump boost, would totally defeat that purpose.

    So summing up: these things were added to make sure players don't (ab)use any advantages.
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  12. Yeah, buffs flag was intentionally off. My beacon that's next door covers just a slight corner of the res, so it's really annoying to deal with. That's the whole reason you helped me with that beacon control, after all. ;)

    Regarding enderpearl flag: the courses aren't designed to have you enderpearl through all of it. They're there to help you on a tough jump, not to do the course for you. So you're correct on that part. But I put this in the OP:

    "You may also notice that enderpearl flag is on, and that is intentional. If you're stuck on a jump, you shouldn't be stuck there forever - grab an enderpearl and skip it!"

    Though all this talk of enderpearls makes me want to make an enderpearl course... :p
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  13. Now there's an idea :) If you do may I suggest adding an enderpearl donation box too? My shop sells them but I'm also often simply giving them away "because" (well because of being a supporter gets you easy pearls). Might make it more appealing for players :)
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  14. That's a great idea. I'll set one up when I start the course! :)

    I'm wondering: 16 for free, or 16 for 1-2r?
  15. Um... I have a cool idea for a part of the enderpearl course. I have a rough idea of it at /v 11217@cows. I also mentioned something related to this in SMP2 chat, so if you saw that, nice job. ;)

    I hope the Minecraft PETA doesn't hunt me down and kill me after this... :eek: