Peaceful Mob creation in Residence (SnowGolem)

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  1. I want to have a snowgenerator in my residence, but in town I'm unable to spawn/create a snow golem. Maybe this could be added.
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  2. I don't think we can spawn iron golem either but I don't get why. It should be available to us :) would be cool to have them :D
  3. *punches iron golem*
  4. No, iron golem farms in town? I see the iron price diving down if that happens...
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  5. The problem with that is that the snow golems made might wander onto somebody else's residence and put snow everywhere and the owner will probably not appreciate it. :)
  6. Both snow golems and iron golems fall under the monsters category in the code - with - almost - everything else. Turning off monsters on a lot, turns them off as well. I don't doubt it would be possible to achieve, but it wouldn't be easy. That's what the wild is for!
  7. Lol it cost more iron to make an iron golem then what u can get from it :p so an Iron golem in town would never ever ever be possible in town
    Edit: Well unless their spawn is turned on people probably will make a farm nvm :p but if only somehow creating it only works than yea... lol z.z
  8. Im sure aikar can do it., he can do anything.
    But, this would be awesome, and if the iron golem leaves your residence is despawns or just spawns back on your res.
  9. I think I'm right in thinking that animals do that now anyway.
  10. There are iron golem farms in Wild. I don't see why can't we have them in Town...
  11. Aikar has already done something on spawn smp4. Max spawned some.
  12. Iron golems DO spawn in town, at least with a shootload of villagers in a res. I have seen it happen b4 on utopia.
  13. If you want to get resources for yourself, you have to go to the wild, thats kinda the point.
    We already have enough people staying in town as it is.
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  14. But we have already cobblestone and obsidian generators in town.
  15. The reason they aren't available in town is due to they have the ability to become aggressive mobs, which moves them to the 'monster' category. :p

    There indeed may be a way to move them to the passive mobs pile by disabling their 'aggressive' tendencies. It wouldn't be towards the top of the list of things for the devteam to get done, but it would be nice to eventually see them in town. :)
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  16. And thankfully not Iron, that would just make it worse.
  17. They kill aggresive mobs.
    Then we should not permit cobblestone or obsidian generators on Town because of economy? Iron farms are a vanilla feature, and EMC is french vanilla, so iron golems should be allowed.
  18. If he cant, theres always justin.
  19. They become aggressive if you hit them.
    However, Jeanzl made this, I wonder how this was possible if Iron Golems fall under the monster category:
  20. But they can't do anything in Town