[PC] Staff heads and other items

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  1. Purple Aikar head
    PVP Aikar head
    4th bday aikar head
    12/23/13 DP aikar head
    Krysyy PVP head (Krysyy version)
    Orange krysyy head
    KrisJR91's head (PurpleKrysyy's old name)
    GreenKrysyy's head
    Bigdavie's head
    MoonbowChin's head
    The_Pebble's head
    Eviltoade's head
    DWmom's head
    highlancer54's head
    EffinBatman's head (not the TDMR version)
    Merc's head
    Aphaea's head
    Dram's head
    Kephras' head
    Elfinpineapple's head
    Valentine's gift with no lore
    Rose Bouquet
    Diamond Voter's block
    Iday DNC Helm
    Iday Head and Helmet
    Full first edition starter set
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  2. What does 'pc' stand for?
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  3. Price Check
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  4. For the unlored valentines rose aleast a mil and the DNC Iday helm maybe 250k
    For the Iday head and helm 190k there is no Differnce in price just shop vs claimed version. Full first edition starter set is about 100-120k. As for a lot of the other stuff such as the rose bouquet or the purple Aikar head, the exsistence is so limited that the true value is only what someone is willing to pay for it, so I would say around 2 mil for items like those on your list.
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  5. Thanks, but there are still prices that people will sell those items for (if they do) and I know that most of them are not above 2m :)
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  6. Purple Aikar head - 1 mill ish maybe
    PVP Aikar head - maybe a mill?
    4th bday aikar head - 1.2-1.5 mill +
    12/23/13 DP aikar head - 400-500k ish
    Krysyy PVP head (Krysyy version) 1 mill maybe
    Orange krysyy head 900- 1mill
    KrisJR91's head (PurpleKrysyy's old name) - N/A
    Valentine's gift with no lore from what ive heard 500-700k ish
    Rose Bouquet - probably a few mill
    Diamond Voter's block - 300k
    Iday DNC Helm - 350-400k
    Iday Head and Helmet - N/A
    Full first edition starter set - 100-150k

    Not too good with heads, but i think these should be accurate ish maybe 100k off
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  7. I know this isnt my thread but if i may ask how much a RainBowChin Pvp head goes for? Sorry, Didn't wanna make a threadXD
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  8. I would say around the 250k mark maybe 300k
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  9. thank you!
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  10. Yeah, I've seen as high as 275k and as low as 215k :)
  11. PvP Krysyy head, I paid 1.2M... Which was a little to much, but they are worth give or take 1M
    Aphaea , I bought one the other day for 180K
    Green kysyy head I would say 150-200K
    Heard dram heads are 50-60K, but that might be outdated
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  12. How did you get the cat?
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  13. I'm mainly interested in knowing how much Kephras' head would be worth :p (not that I've got one, I'm just... interested)
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  14. it was worth extra points at CC and I kept the extra that I wasn't able to drop into the hoppers at the end of the game
    Yeah, I've been told that not many exist so I haven't seen any go on sale
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  15. Bump. Thanks for all the prices so far, but I need moar! :D
  16. bump! I don't care if you don't have exact prices, anything that's probably within a few 100k would help! :)
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  17. Here are a few more... Note quite positive on 1 or 2
    Big Davie, was offering to buy on for 1.2M but was turned down
    The aikar heads, between 1M to 1.3M depending on the head, with the rule of the less and old the head the more it's worth.
    Orange Krysyy give or take 1.M but almost no one wants to sell
  18. Bump! I'd really love price estimates on these items! :)
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