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  1. I have a EVGA GeForce GT610 that I use for my PC. It runs minecraft perfectly at 50-70 FPS, just the issue is that it starts to make weird artifacts on my screen or glitch with the frames as in putting in unfinished textures that look really awkward. I monitered my temperature and it stays steady at 75.0 Celsius under Minecraft but when I close it, the card runs at around 49.0 Celsius. Is there a way I can increase the fan speed or something? Or is that temperature normal? The GPU is still at stock clocks and stock voltage so it's right from the manufacturer condition.
  2. When I dont have MC running my computer is great, when MC is running doe... It goes jet engine mode and fire breathing.
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  3. :O mine does that when I have MC and when I have 2 tabs in the internet open >.>
  4. My card is now 41 Celsius steady now that I had Minecraft closed for a while. It shoots up 30 degrees when I launch it.. Is there something I should change in the control panel, up the fan speeds, or something else?
  5. So it only makes blips when it gets to the 70's? I don't know what to say besides 70c is fine for most GPU's. 90-105(where it shuts off) is a bad zone.
  6. I don't know where it messes up. I haven't really checked that. Just sometime when I run Minecraft it will make blue/white pixels that shouldn't be there or a artifact of unfinished textures that look really awkward. I do know the temp shoots up to 70 when I play though.
  7. 70 is not that much, in 'these' days hardware. Be sure your case gets good flow, and that the card is clean. (dust in the fins) If you have a spare fan around, position it to blow across the card and see.

    Now, are you running any texture packs?
  8. If you are looking into changing fan speeds there is this old program called speedfan which I just got, and it works pretty well. You can see all the temperatures and fan speeds of your entire system, and adjust them according to temperature. My pc used to run at 30c when idle, but now it runs 20c or less. I play mc at 60fps full settings and the temp doesn't go over 50c. And there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube, here's the link if you want it. It is kinda strange to use, but its worth it once you figure it out.
  9. Thing is, this card is really old. It's a GT610. My case is pretty much a 4 year old rig from Walmart that I put this card in. I'm not the guy that builds PC's for a living or anything so I don't have spare parts anywhere. I dusted around a week ago thinking that was the issue but it wasn't.

    I use HiTeen's 64x pack. It didn't do the unfinished texture thing when I used to use integrated graphics so it's definitely an issue regarding the card.
  10. Hmmm, try this. Watch a youtube video (not running MC). Then run MC in the background and watch the same youtube video. See if you get any anomalies. Or see if you have any video effects. See if blowing air across it while running reduces the temperature too. Fans that you can hook into your power supply (if u got a spare) work pretty well, and there are some that just tap into an existing power cable (usually the 4-pin type).

    If additional air flow does not help the temperature (it should) it is probably the thermal compound not performing anymore. If it is an older card, I have seen the thermal compound turn into a brick, so if it were me, I would take the card out, and remove the old compound and use arctic silver or similar. The stuff is highly toxic (old and new) so be sure to use some good caution (gloves if possible) and common sense. Wash your hands multiple times and be sure to do it in an area you can clean.

    Involves removing the card, disassembling the fins and fan from the video card board (gently twisting usually did the trick for me on old cards) clean the heatsink and chip, new compound, and then reassembling. You only need a really thin layer of the compound, so do not over do it. (old credit cards or thicker plastic packaging cut into a spade works wonders). Is it worth it for a 40 buck card? Always!
  11. My card gets the fan power directly from the PCI-E slot. Nothing to go into the PSU. It's not that the card itself is old because then I could see where it may start corrupting, I got this card only 2 months back. It's just an old model.
  12. When I first read this, I though you literally wanted him to blow air on the card haha.
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  13. My teacher said to try canned air? He said its good for the fans or something like that.
  14. I did.
  15. Have you tried updating the card drivers or checking for any firmware updates from evga?
  16. Yep
  17. Do you guys all know that you can't play 1.8 without buying a new grapics card?
  18. Old cards can still be good cards! I was talking about adding a fan, powered by the external supply to see if its an air flow issue, or whether the thermal paste may be 'out'. Additional airflow should equate to less temperature. Is more of a test to determine how the paste is. Other thing I look for, especially on video cards, is the capacitors. Bulging means they need replacement. There was issue with 'older' cards having defective caps. Loads of electronics suffered from this.

    Ha, of course if you want to get on your hands and knees and huff and a puff, then by all means do so, however i'd request pics or it didn't happen!
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  19. From my experience 70c is very hot! 80c in the thermal junction temperature for most things, ideally you don't want your card to get hotter than 60c.

    For reference my card idles at 25c ~ 30c and under load is 45c - 50c with a ambient temp of 70f - 75f.
    If any component in my computer cpu, gpu, north bridge ect starts to get close to 60c under load I clean the heat sink. Prolonged use at high temp's will greatly shorten the life of said component, or case permanent artifacting for gpu's.

    Since you have said the gfx card is 4 years old and you have cleaned the heat sink, it probably has the same thermal compound between the gpu and the heat sink that came with it from the factory.

    You should remove the card from the computer then take the heat sink off and use some rubbing alcohol to clean off the old thermal compound. Then reply apply new thermal compound, and reattach the heat sink and install the card in your computer.

    That's the first thing I do when I get a new gfx card is change the thermal compound for high quality stuff.
    The stuff they use at the factory is usually not the highest quality and drys out fairly fast, wich leads to high temps.

  20. I disagree with this my graphics cards normal operating temp is 80 degrees when gaming the card I have is a ge-force 780 ti