[PAYING WELL] Land Flattening

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  1. As usual, I pick the worst places to build.

    As such, I will be employing people to flatten out land in the Eastern Frontier. This is however, far out in the wild.

    I will supply Diamond Shovels.
  2. What smp?

    Edit: why don't you build around the land? With the land? Structures always look more awesome that way >:)
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  3. SMP9.

    As for the second half, people have advised that before.

    All well and nice, but you can't build a modern city on a bumpy beach.

    Heck, I have plans for a huge house built into the terrain. But that will be across the river in the jungle.

    Talking about the Jungle, I need people to help deforest it.
  4. Okay, i can help ^^ i just helped amusedstew pack up his res into a storage a day or so before. This sounds like fun *gets out axe*
    PM me the coords and whatever i'll need to do the job. And dont worry about the pay--i don't care and i won't ask =P
  5. I'm a bit busy right now, I'll tell you tomorrow.
  6. 13072
    You will need a heck load of shovels, pickaxes, and axes.
  7. Also, near the house, there are 4 double chests for the dirt/sand to go in.

    I need dirt mainly in order to do my Project: Lake. Aka, turn the ocean into a lake.

    I then plan to build a road around the lake, with a bridge going over the entrance to the sea. There will also be buoys leading to the nearby sea temple.
  8. Oh, in the op you said you'd be supplying diamond shovels.
    I have a voter's diamond shovel, voter's iron pickaxe and a voter's iron axe--guess i'll use those. Though none have silk touch.
  9. Oh:p I thought you meant you were bringing your own tools along.