Paying 1 mill for trustworthy hard worker

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  1. I need someone i know i can trust to clear a 128 by 128 area around a spot in the nether (i know the emc spawn dimensions arent that but thats what i want)

    alot of the work has been done already and i will provide any tools you need

    edit: also this is on smp6
  2. Depending on how quickly you want it done, I'm not entirely sure you can get it for 1 mil.
    I'm assuming it's from bedrock to bedrock?
  3. I will do it.
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  4. im in no rush, i just get bored working on it myself, but if all im paying for is someones time then i dont see why it would cost any more then 1 mill
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  5. someones building a wither skull farm :p i started doing one myself but gave up and ik how much of a pain it is. However, i agree 1 mil should be a decent price for this task. unfortunately i dont have the time to take it :/ but i wish you and whoever takes it the best of luck.
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  6. *built
    just trying to increase its efficiency a little
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  7. is this including lava?
  8. nah not including lava just the parts under it that are caves and such (a few have superturkeys in them still)
  9. late night early morning bump for the easterns
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  10. can i share this job with someone else? and are tools supplied?
  11. I'd like to throw in some help, bite! Don't want to do it for the money, but the opportunity to help another someone is always on my to do list when I can. ;)

    Name the time and place, and I'll get on it asap!
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  12. Tools are provided as stated above :p
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  13. I can take up this task if shared with someone/some others. I'm usually free after 4pm GBT. On weekends, I'm free all day.
  14. I can do it and start it tomorrow.. I'm on spring break for 2 weeks and am willing to work on it and get it done ASAP.
  15. sure bro
  16. I can do this also.
  17. well, as it stands ive hired someone. but if anything happens ill keep all you pups in mind <3 for all the offers :p
  18. i will do it the best!! (im am the king )