Pay to instantly return to spawn if your lost in wild/nether

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Jwlpo, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. Let's just say you decided to go to the wild/nether and you get lost. You then try to open the live map but it doesn't load, wouldn't it be nice to type something like /return and pay like 500rupees to instantly spawn at the safe area.
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  2. nah more like Pay 1 dragon egg (/sarcasm)
  3. -Slowly claps-
  4. This could work but fee needs to be higher every amount of blocks, and
    I like it thought it would help people sell stuff in town in their shops.
  5. No.
    And heres why:
    This would be abused a lot. The game can't differentiate between when you're genuinely lost or if you have, say an absurd amount of mob drops from your grinder. Then, if you set your spawn in a bed at your base, you can effectively make a wild teleporting system.
  6. Makes sense
  7. If your lost you go jump off the highest point you can find or you go lay down in the water... it make take a few jumps and some time but you will end up back at the spawn.
  8. Why. The hell. Did you bump this?!
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  9. Pro_G4ngst4 is completely right. The live map system is in place for you to find your way back. F3 can also be used to see x/y/z coordinates, and then you can head back to a outpost from those. Having any sort of port back system will lead to instant abuse when mining (go 200k out, set spawn, mine inventory of stuff in wild, pay 500r to go back, store in town, kill self to return to wild, rinse repeat).

    This is why it won't happen.
  10. Read the original post date, some bumpers needs a slap :)
  11. Please leave.
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  12. I noticed, and they are about to get one :)
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  14. I might have some ideas that might help.
    1. raise the cost to some very high price to be used only when absolutely needed
    2. only once per day/week/month
    3. have it so it teleports you near spawn, but not at spawn
    4. you can't use it while under a certain height
    These are just some ideas. Not sure how possible this would be in the first place.
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    Normally I'm not even looking for it, but when 6 month old threads are getting revived without reason, we have a problem.
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  19. Or you can just not BUMP 6 MONTH OLD THREADS.
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