Pay staff to remove bedrock

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  1. We all know about that bedrock at the bottem of the residence. I am thinking that people could pay to have 1 block removed for 1,000r ( they pick where ) or they could pay to remove it all for a special deal or something. What do you think?
  2. Some reses randomly have bedrock missing. I don't see the point in this though.
  3. Extra building space?
    Cool Trash Can?
    Don't like the look of bedrock?
    The bedrock taunted you?
    Became frustrated because you couldn't destroy it?
    Like to see the darkness of the void?
    Make a minigame out of it?
    There are sooo many possibilities!
  4. Ppl could sue u for dieing on ur res -_-
  5. That's a novel idea right there! ;)
  6. You can't die in the void in town. :p
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  7. 1. Sue... mega facepalm.jpg
    2. You do not die in the void in Town.
  8. You don't die by falling in the void in town on emc - that's been fixed
  9. Oh lol I thought u died in the void [ epic facepalm]
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  10. I believe you want this...
    mega facepalm.jpg
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  11. You can't build in the void :p
  12. My dragons r all ded
  13. Hey man, if the bedrock was gone you could get a whoooole one layer of extra space to build on :p
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  14. Think about this, if bedrock was gone, and I could put something in it's place, and you owned a dragonegg... you get the idea :p Waste of dragon egg but, it would be cool.
  15. Plus, it is a cool way to get rid of stuff if you ask me.
  16. This would be pretty cool, I would make the floor glass :)
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  17. So, basically you're paying for "an epic trashcan?" I'll stick with lava :)
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  18. I'm oddly in support of this; I thought I wouldn't be. Perhaps, at the least, be able to remove all but the last layer (and obviously fill that in) if there's any problem with removing all five layers?
  19. 5 layers? There is only 1 layer of bedrock.