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Have you done a parkour before this one?

Yes, I play all the time 16 vote(s) 66.7%
Yes, I have only done a few though 6 vote(s) 25.0%
No 1 vote(s) 4.2%
What is parkour? 1 vote(s) 4.2%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. When I get back from the Wilderness, I will be hosting a major parkour event at (smp 3) /v 6273!

    There will be diamonds, emeralds, iron, gold, and just about any of the the other items obtained through mining in ore and in raw form! There is also a bonus Diamonds course for the parkour pro's out there with extra ores and diamonds and emeralds (However, I will need to complete the course when I get back, but feel free to try it up to where I stopped.).

    The parkour is free and open until I get back and practicing on that course is highly recommended because it is very difficult.

    When I come back, it will be just 10 rupees every ten or so minutes, but it all depends on how many people come. This parkour is meant to be fun and have a prize much more valuable than the cost to enter.

    Rules are subject to change and are not limited to:
    -no enderpearls
    -no flying hacks or mods
    -no cheating
    -no pushing
    -do not harass the other players
    -enjoy oneself
    -last but not least, have fun

    Remember to practice. The parkour course at my residence is extremely hard and very, very, very few people have even completed it, and the diamonds course is even harder, so if you really want to get the most prizes for your buck, practice and practice hard. Have fun! :)
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  2. No parkour can defeat me =)
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  3. Have you played mine though? I know it seems easy at first, but then you start playing it and it kills you. Slowly at first. Then you start to notice how you can finally get passed the beginning and onto the crafting table, but you get passed those sprint jumps and realize you should probably stop and go eat, use the restroom, or have a break of some sort. Little do you know that that rest is a killer! That rest caused your fingers to relax and forget that they were there to help you on that parkour course. So, you come back and guess what... Your fingers start to twitch and you fall halfway to the halfway point (but you don't realize that the halfway point is not the end). So you get back to that spot and continue on. You get passed the tricky sideways jump and make it to the long jump. It looks totally make-able and so you go without flinching; however you just about make it, but then you realize it is just half a block too high (or so it seems) and you fall yelling, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO." You failed and you will more than likely continue to fail, but take to note that that jump is possible, hard to make but possible. If you can make that you then jump to the left and try to figure out how to make the fence jump. And it just keeps going on from there...

    So yeah. The entire thing is in fact doable (at least on the regular side so far), but it is very infuriating and difficult. So far only two people have completed it, myself and an unnamed person, but I hope that this challenge will allow for more motive for more to complete it. Remember the struggle is difficult, but it will always be possible.
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  4. I think I like this, and maybe, with the updated servers, I can join.(before I had too much lag to do parkour)
  5. No Parkour can stop me! Although maybe my own can. I have one that's nearly impossible. I'm coming down to check it out.
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  6. Nice to see so many people interested in my parkour. I cannot say an official day that I will be doing it yet, but I can say I've been busy in and out of Minecraft. Have fun and all enjoy trying to beat my parkour! ;)
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  7. So uh yeah.. I beat it about.. Hmm... 0 times...
    I stopped because of the long falls. :p
  8. Don't give up hope just yet. Each fail either makes you more or less determined, but makes success that much sweeter. I spent a good 10 hours on that parkour before I even got to the nether-brick fences. I encourage groups to go and challenge each other. Remember though, this will be for a competition once I come back from the mining trip. If I have to, I will go out in town and buy the prizes, but hopefully it doesn't take that long. I hope you all have fun and enjoy.
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  9. Definitely gonna go try this out tomorrow, sounds fun.
  10. Okay guys sorry for such a big delay, but I have been busy in school and all. I will be on today a roughly the time from this post to about 2 to 2 & 1/2 hours. I will be on Smp3 somewhere in the wilderness getting supplies for the parkour challenge. I will probably not be able to announce the parkour challenge in much advance (Oh, I will not be on Saturday, but I might be on Sunday.). Remember to practice on the parkour and if you have questions just post on this forum or contact me in-game. Peace out and I hope you all love my parkour at /v 6273 Smp3.
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  12. LOL u should ask skydoesminecraft to do ur park our and post it as a video.
    (And you can even put a squid in there somewhere to push u off :p)
  13. Those are both pretty awesome ideas, but one problem, I am in the wilderness mining for the parkour challenge prizes. I cannot disable the enderpearls yet, but I plan to once I finish mining for diamonds and emeralds. I have seen a few skydoesminecraft videos and that would be a great idea, but how do I contact him and say, "Hey, Sky, could you try out my parkour and put a video of it on youtube. It is on the empire server SMP 3 at: /v 6273."

    Thanks for your imput, and yes, I will fix the diamond course and finish it once I get back. Once again, sorry for not being on lately, I have been busy with school and all. Many thanks to you all and have a great time!
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  14. You can set flags from the wild. Do /res set [res#] (flag) true/false. This needs to be in the guide. I'll have to make a thread...

    Sky probably has pm's disabled. I doubt you could contact him, but if you could it would be amazing, and great for the Empire, too.
  15. Yeah, I will try that, but I was kicked for a bad internet connection the other day in a pretty tricky spot, so who know what will happen to me, and if I remember that. Thanks for that tip though and I hope that you have a great time and try out my parkour and enjoy it.
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  16. Hah, i told u the diamond course was impossible :3

    Anyways, hes right, the parkour is no laughing matter, but its 100% possible, as i have beaten it 2 times, although it did take me a LONG time to complete. the second to last jump has killed me countless times, even though its not a hard 1! but the worst jump is the second netherbrick fence side-jump or whatever u wanna call it, and the long fence jump that seems impossible right before the side-jumps next to the halfway point is a close second. and for the record, if you could add some type of floor under the parkour, levy, im sure that u wud get WAY more customers to stay and continue trying, as its a REAL pain to have to wait til u fall to the bottom and then sprint to the tele
  17. Yeah, I know, the diamond is not possible yet. I thought it was before I left, but I was unable to test it. Yes, EVERYONE MY PARKOUR IS HARD, but it is very possible. I will see about creating the fall floor, or something like that (Thanks for mentioning that Wolf, I did not know that the falling was a problem.). I will also fix the diamond course (I guess that the diamond course will be an extra that no one can practice for, but will reap an extra reward for multiple reasons), and finish it. I hope you all have a good time practicing for the Big Day when I come back chalked full of diamonds, ores, and emeralds! Enjoy!
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  18. Exciting news guys! I finally found emeralds! I hope to be back in town at SMP 3 soon! :cool:
    I hope you all are practicing because this is a very hard and annoying parkour!
    I also hope to see you all soon.
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  19. Okay, EVERYONE THE PARKOUR CHALLENGE WILL BE TODAY (hopefully)! It will hopefully be around 2:00 PM Central Time Zone U.S.A. I hopefully will be at my residence around 1:00 PM (same time zone). I have lots of prizes waiting for you all! Hope to see you all there!
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  20. Nevermind.... No one came. So everyone. I'm going to make a new thread with Times and dates (so as to get more people). Bye!
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