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  1. Sometimes I like to take some pictures of my ranches with my iPhone5( don't got the money to buy a good camera, so I use my phone camera for this).

    Here are some of the pictures:

  2. They're gorgeous. In those center two, it looks as though the entire field as turned to gold.
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  3. Amazing pictures. Paraguay's an beautiful place... But when I visited the governmental corruption was obvious, and it made the experience less enjoyable (They demanded clearly made up taxes, fees for being American, etc)... Is corruption a major problem in your city/region?
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  4. Yes, corruption is a problem, also in Brazil and Argentina too.
  5. Beautiful!
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  6. About 9 days ago I came back from my ranch with new images:

  7. #iphone6camera
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  9. The new photos are from a iPhone 6 plus and a ipad, don't now the model.
  10. iPhones (4s+) take pictures in 4K quality (3840 x 2160) :) in other words, very close to 4K

    4K= ultra HD
  11. Bump for the nature!