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  1. Well then...
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  2. 2013-01-05_21.08.56.png
    That JackBiggin is Aikar...
    2013-01-05_21.11.17.png 2013-01-05_21.14.46.png 2013-01-05_21.14.47.png
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  3. It's one of those programs where you can make dummies and they will say stuff like for example:
    Player: Say hi to everyone Tobuscus
    Tobuscus dummy: Hi everyone
    EDIT: Different thing...
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  4. I'm not sure why, but this made me so happy
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  5. No, it's disguisecraft >.>
  6. Yea, when will this be implemented?
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  7. It's on the server for staff always. We'll get it for the day at some point. :)
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  8. OK, I'm assuming they'll post an announcement?
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  9. It started when Aikar trapped Jack, JMB, and Jeanz on top of spawn…
    Aikar Overflow 3.png Aikar Trap 1.png Aikar Trap 2.png Aikar Overflow 3.png
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  10. That's pretty cool!
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  11. Im the AIkar to the right of Lukas
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  12. With that many Aikare (plural of Aikar) the economy will be destroyed in....two hours ago.
  13. Yes, i was forthe chip in widget on EMCon.
  14. What dont you 'Like' on here? xD

    And I know away to tell the real Aikar <.<
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  15. And I'm Lukas at the left of Aikar. Wait, which Aikar... :confused:
  16. So uh Jack... The nameplates in your screenshots... Explain...
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  17. It's a mod, he talked about, but i forgot the name.
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  18. hmmm, it's just a feature that other servers include for the vanilla client that Aikar was talking about implementing one day... That's why I was wondering, I'll have to ask him what mod it is ;)
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  19. All the Aikar's are belong to us.