Over-Powered :D

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  1. 2013-10-05_14.12.05.png 2013-10-05_14.09.54.png 2013-10-05_14.12.05.png I'M OVER-POWERED ON FACTIONS . lol ;)
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  2. ...slowly backs away
  3. I do not believe the discussion of other servers is permitted. There certainly aren't factions on EMC anyway.
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  5. while discussing other servers is not allowed, she hasnt specifically mentioned a server, im sure everyone here knows that faction servers as well as ftb, adventure maps and numerous other servertypes exist but as long as no addresses are posted this is fine pretty much.
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  6. Scary in a way?
  7. Keeps Backing Away
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  8. *pushes cordi closer*
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  9. *Runs away like a madman before Bite sees me*
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  10. I'm gonna go hide in my hole now
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  11. Oooookay then.
  12. #scared
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  13. well, time to retreat to the tank again...
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  14. Wud you do with the bodies.
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  15. any chance I could be in your faction?... I really don't want to die today, or tomorrow, or the next day, etc.
    Sooo... yeah. lol
  16. We have all learned something today. Obviously ICC played on that factions server that is why he has 3 cow heads. There is no other logical solution
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  17. *Removes bites legs and throws him closer*
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