Over 1600 days on EMC - AMA

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  1. So I saw another player had one of these and then thought I should do one since I haven't done anything like this and before and I think it's time I have one. :) I am one of the older members of this community and I have had some amazing times on this awesome server and I enjoy every minute of it!

    I will also host a giveaway for my head, and everybody who asks questions is in the raffle. Fire away!
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  2. whats it like to be one of the oldest players on emc? :p and congrats :D did you help kill one of hte original dragons? or even witness it
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  3. What is your favorite pizza topping? Also pants or shorts, if you had to choose, which one would you wear for the rest of your life?
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  4. Congrats on 1,600 days on EMC :)

    We appreciate veterans like you still playing on EMC and sharing past experiences with us.

    QUESTION: Will you answer my question?
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  5. It's of course nice to be an old player, and it is nice to see how the Empire grew up to be this big. Back when I started playing, it was just one server and Utopia was just an elite wilderness with no Town :p No, I did not fight the dragon, I was away on a vacation I think.
  6. Oh, where I live there is this pizza place where they got a pizza called "The Dream" which consists of red pepper and meat balls. It's simple, but it is soooo good! :) Because I live in Norway, I think the best would be pants for the rest of my life, but I enjoy wearing shorts in the summer :p
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  7. It's nice to still be a member of this society. :)
    ANSWER: Maybe ;)
  8. ah alrighty ^^ :p, nice to see that you are still playing :p
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  9. Yay, another old player! :D

    Are you originally from smp1? I feel like you're from 2 or 9, as I didn't see you much in the older days... Happy to know you're back and well though! :D
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  10. Yes, I was orignally from smp1, but then I took a 2 month-break and came back on smp9 acctually. Then I became diamond supporter and got myself two reses on smp1 and is the server I spend most of my time on. :)
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  11. Yay, my memory didn't lie to me :p smp1 is the best though :p (nah, that's an opinion :p)
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  12. ?
  13. I read it wrong
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  14. That's why he said >ONE of the oldest players active<.... And you're not the oldest active player either...

    EDIT: ninja'd >.>
  15. Hi Uzack. Nice to meet you and it is great to see you older players still around. :)
    What is your favorite block in minecraft?
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  16. Hey bro, nice to meet you too. :) My favourite block has to be the Prismarine Brick. I really like the blue color. ;-)
  17. Hey Uzack!

    Seeing as you're a veteran who's been around to see many changes to the Empire, witnessed the growth of the market place and have seen the rise and fall of many a staff members I feel the burning need to ask; who's your favorite power ranger and why ?
  18. My favourite is Billy Cranston, the blue one. ;-) Not only because blue is my favourite color, but he seems like a good guy. :p
  19. Btw, I will pick a random user to win my head on Friday the 6th. :p
  20. Little know fact, Billy Cranston was named after Bryan Cranston of Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad. Bryan had voiced many of the original monsters on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
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