Our staff: V2.0

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  1. Who is our staff?

    JustinGuy: Everyone's dad, knows about everything and anything, also, it's the reason why we (MC) exist :p
    JEREMY: The friendly uncle, same who hand's your first shot and same who is there to defend us.

    Dark_Liz: Our mom, she saves us from anything and it's always eye-on-us.
    Shaunwhite1982: BEST BRO FOREVER, the one everyone can trust, ask for help and go for in any situation :D

    Twitch1: Our other uncle, he's the one that tells us the best stories about the stuff we like the most. As any uncle: Always there for us and protects us with his titanium shields :p
    ISMOOCH: The happiest soldier we will ever see, his happiness it's so high that's contagious
    d1223m: His love has no price, the rest can be bought with rupees at his (almost) free shop xD

    amadai: Epic designer, her ideas are just like no-one's else ;)

    For the rest of our staff nto mentioned here, sorry guy's i just don't know you enough, if anyone has ideas about any other staff members, post them here i will go ahead and edit this thread,
    what you guys think?
    btw: I got the colour codes from the source code, hope that's fine :p

    *edited by ISMOOCH for some... detail... changes*
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  2. LOL Smooch edited it XD
  3. Thats a very nice lisssst you have there nah seriouly thats cool what you did there :D
  4. Wait... Ismooch is not a girl!!?? *mindblown*
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  5. lol.

    Smooch mods like a girl!

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  6. Hahahahah well this just got awkward.
  7. Ooooooo he called your moderating skills a girl!!! :p
  8. *ISMOOSH*/Ban GameKribJERMY reason Awfull joke/man/lieing to others
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  9. that, good sir, was hurtful.
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  10. iSmooch is definitely not a girl.. Just saying ;)
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  11. finally, someone who gets it.
  12. Your moderating is "Hawt" :p
  13. You know amadai is a girl? :)
  14. Thats what I said!! Someone deleted my post when I said that though ):
  15. You deleted it - lol
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  16. typo:p I talk with her via pm refering to her as a her, so she might not get offended :p

    ^^ He wants war ISMOOCH, bring up your marines army upon him xD
  17. Ooooh.. I was like "Why is it making me confirm to edit my post?!"
  18. trying to find where your grey text is! ;o