Ory Blocks - gotta mine 'm all! :P

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  1. Earlier this week my girlfriend and me were watching some episodes of the 1st Pokemon season (English adaptation) and you go to admit: it had some pretty catchy soundtracks. Like the original intro. Now, thanks to some imagination, fantasy and very complex science I managed to discover some very interesting lyrics :p

    I want to be the very best, that no one ever was.
    To mine them is my real test, to smelt them is my cause.

    I will travel across the worlds, searching far and wide.
    These ory blocks till' I understand, the power that's inside.

    Ory blocks; gotta mine them all.

    It's you and me, I know it's my destiny!
    Ory blocks!

    Oh, you're my best friend on a server we must defend.

    Ory blocks; a heart so true.

    Our picks will pull us through; you teach me and I'll teach you.

    Ory blocks; gotta mine them all.

    Gotta mine them all! Ory blocks!
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  2. *slow clap*
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  3. lol :) I know it's not as imaginative as some of my other work. But I got to pick up the pase slowly :p
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