Orebreaker isn't actually Unbreaking 3. (possible bug?)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by navyrob, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. I ahve done quite a few tests on this. The Orebreaker special item does not actually have unbreakign 3 on it.

    The fortune works, The efficiency works. The unbreaking 3 is not being applied correctly. YOu can easily test this for yourself with a DC of netherrack. Use a regular unbreaking 3 pick to clear it, then do the same with the orebreaker.
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  2. Unbreaking doesn't magically make things last 4x longer, it gives a chance that the item it is applied to wont suffer a use. You could just be extremely unfortunate.
  3. YOu can test it yourself or a mod can. It's too consistent. I have 4 different orebreakers and they all wear out about 3x as fast as a regular Unb 3 pick.
  4. This is because efficiency wears out a pick extremely faster than a regular unbreaking- by any chance are you selling an ore buster?
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  5. You're quite wrong honestly, and I'll use these 2 items for example.

    Diamond Pickaxe - Unbreaking 3, Efficiency 5, Fortune 3.
    Ore Buster - Unbreaking 3, Efficiency 6, Fortune 5.

    Those are the "best" pickaxes in the game, currently, right now on Empire Minecraft, to my knowledge, for gaining the most out of a Fortune pickaxe.

    With that being said, you'll notice that the Ore Buster has a higher Efficiency level than the maxed out God Pickaxe ( Diamond Pickaxe ) which will make it mine through blocks a lot quicker, and therefore it's being used slightly more than the other in the long run.

    Basically though, you're asking about the Unbreaking. And it's quite the same, and even if you took 2 brand new Ore Busters, and did your little test. They would break at different times.

    Even if you did the test all on the same block, and the same amount of blocks. The outcome would be different, every time.

    All Unbreaking does, is give the items a chance to NOT TAKE DURABILITY damage, when using it.

    If you don't know what DURABILITY is, it's basically what tells you how long you have left on the item.

    So, when you first used an Ore Buster, for example.

    On a brand new Ore Buster, that has ZERO DURABILITY damage, you could actually mine a block, and not take ANY DURABILITY damage, as if you never mined anything to begin with.

    All in all, I hope you understand this, and if you don't, I don't know how else to make it clear to you that there's no bug or anything like that.

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  6. It actually doesn't
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  7. Yeah, Efficiency doesn't ware down an item quicker, it just mines through a block quicker.

    If you took, a

    Diamond Pickaxe - Efficiency 5
    Diamond Pickaxe - Nothing

    And used them both, on the same blocks, and the same amount of blocks. They would both break at the same time, at least in block value.

    It just seems like Efficiency breaks an item quicker, because the DURABILITY bar drops down quickly, but if you had UNBREAKING on it, it would act differently no matter what.

  8. Efficiency wears down a block quicker yes, therefore using more of the pick faster to break more blocks in less time
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  9. I can't help but correct you guys that it's called an Orebuster not an Orebreaker :p
  10. You're correct, as well as incorrect in that statement. I'll try to articulate this one more time.

    If you're using a,
    • Diamond Pickaxe without any Enchantment.
    • Diamond Pickaxe with only an Efficiency Enchantment.
    Regardless of the level of Efficiency, between the levels that are known, which are Efficiency 1 through 5, and 6 being on the Ore Buster.

    The amount of materials that can be gathered on both of those pickaxes will be the same, and that's because you're only increasing the rate of mining. So, when you're increasing the efficiency of something, you're just making it go faster, making it more efficient than something without, or with less efficiency.

    So, with all of that being said. Hopefully you understand that you're actually only increasing the rate of what you're doing, but not destroying or, decreasing the durability of an item because of the efficiency of an item.

    And to break that down a little bit more, I'm basically saying that you're able to obtain the same amount of items, from those 2 pickaxes given as an example, without one being more, or less used than the other.

    They will both break, and they will both obtain the same amount of materials. The one with efficiency will just mine away the minerals quicker than the other, and it will break before the one without any enchantment, but that's not because of the efficiency making the durability less.

    If you were to add on the enchantment unbreaking, that would be a completely different discussion. So I hope this helps you, and anyone else who may of questioned this.

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  11. Got it:) thanks anonymous
  12. Theres nothing in the code that would make the Unbreaking on an Orebuster act any different than unbreaking on another pick...

    This is the only code that EMC has modified for Durability: https://github.com/aikar/EMC-CraftBukkit/commit/5a8e09645c33b5e37445e52791c81f3317b00967#L2L191

    It only applies to Armor, not Tools.

    You're likely just witnessing the glories of Random on computers, it's not truely random.

    The speed of ore breaking on high effeciency will likely make it even less random and therefor deplete a little faster, but still has reduced breakage.

    This is a flaw in every computer program in the world, a problem that can not be fixed. If you fix this problem, you'll become a billionaire :)
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  13. I think I'll note that durability goes down whenever you destroy a block. For example, you'd have basically the same durability if you mined a stack of obsidian and a stack of netherrack.
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  14. I've sometimes noticed a lot of blocklag/kickback(whatever you call it) when using Efficiency picks or shovels in the past. I'll mine blocks then have to mine them again. I've wondered, but never tested whether I am losing Durability when this happens.

    Is Durability a server or client controlled attribute? If my client thinks I have mined a block but the server doesn't, does my tool lose Durability anyway? Could the Orebuster's higher efficiency and lag be a factor in NavyRob's observation?

    I don't have an Orebuster or I would have experimented with it before saying anything more than I already have about the subject. I wonder how many of those who are discounting NavyRob's hypothesis have actually tried the experiment he suggested or are just assuming everything is ok because they personally haven't experienced what he has.
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  15. It is controlled server side, an easy way to test this is mine the road or digg dirt where you don't have build right, durability will decrease, then rebound back when your inventory refreshes.
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  16. Thanks. That kind of rules out what I was thinking. Still, I've seen plenty of people report "problems" that were initially poo-poohed then were eventually found to be actual problems once people started observing and experimenting because their attention had been drawn to it. Until I've broken a few chests of blocks with the pick side by side with a normal one or someone else does and reports it here, I'm not discounting NavyRob's observation.
  17. Just have an admin test it out side by side with a DC of netherrack. Once you actually go and test it you will see the difference in a very obvious way.
  18. An admin has come and shown the actual code. There is nothing that would change this and nothing to make the pick weird. What exactly is the difference you are experiencing.
  19. I'd gladly do this test for you, but I'm not wasting my rupees or Ore Busters on this when I know how it all works. I feel sorry for you that you're so stuck up, and can't accept what others are telling you and it's quite annoying.
  20. As much as it pains me to admit that I paid a 150% markup on a pick I can't repair, I didn't like seeing NavyRob treated the way he was in this thread for daring to suggest that something might not be working right. With thousands of ways to combine hundreds of blocks and millions of players, it is not surprising to me that Mojang's bug tracker has over 33,000 tickets, and I'm inclined to believe that when someone says they have seen something strange in this game that maybe they have.

    So I took the time to break a Single Chest(1728 Blocks) of NetherRack with each of three picks: An OreBuster - Unb III/Eff VI, a Unb III/Eff IV pick, and a Unb III pick. The Durability of a Diamond Pick is 1562. The end Durability of the OreBuster was 1127, the UnbIII/Eff IV pick was 1160, and the Unb III was 1110.

    A couple of odd things I noticed while doing this were that the screenshot I took of the Efficiency IV pick initially showed 1159 durability then while I was typing this up it changed to 1160. The same thing happened to the Unb III pick. It was originally 1109 when I took its screenshot. No change to the OreBuster after my screenshot.

    I also noticed that while I was using the Unb III pick the Durability would go down then pop up by two or three every so often. I didn't notice if the other picks were doing this since they were too fast. Maybe it was lag. I would have expected invisible blocks to be left like I've had when I've used Efficiency Shovels but I logged out and back in and nothing was there.

    Weird, but since the Durability spread was 50 blocks and the OreBuster fell in between the other two picks, I'm inclined to think NavyRob just has an unlucky pick.