Opinions on Bulk Services

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  1. I was wondering is there a demand because I don't really see any good ones at the moment that are efficient.
  2. It's not the demand, it's the being able to get the items fast and efficient. And by fast I mean a day tops.
  3. I used to run a business where I could do it in a day with the farms.
  4. I find many times that businesses like this start up and get so swamped that they can't keep up. Maybe limit the orders so that they are more manageable and you don't burn out.
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  5. I love bulk businesses, the only problem is- you will get flooded with orders if your price is somewhat low... but if your price is somewhat high you wont get many orders... However, when people get flooded with orders they cannot keep up with a fast service. Your customers get mad that their million DC order takes too long because you have other things that need to be done. Sadly this is the reality of bulk services. Its the main reason why I stopped with my sand business and just auction/sell bulk stuff via forums when I get it.
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  6. It would be a good idea to have friends and form a team that you know will be on and fairly good times through the day to help do all the orders. I'm on SMP1 and just started my mall (even other big malls) really love bulk services. I would really like to see one be efficient and fast. Haven't found any good ones yet though.
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  7. A successful bulk service will get you a good steady income, but very soon it feels more and more like a chore and less and less like playing a game. :)

    I think a true bulk service would have at least 30 DCs of each item it sells in stock.
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  8. making sure the workers get paid seems to slip through the cracks for some bulk suppliers. <cough, cough>
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  9. Yeah I am forming a team as we speak and collecting and setting up farms for the first about 10 orders can be done straight away.
  10. If you can actually do this and keep up with all the orders and have good pricing (has to be decently cheaper than mega malls), then I see no reason why your business shouldn't climb to the level of KadBoy's famous bulk service.

    ..and we all know how well that worked out for Kad ;)
  11. i suggest if u are working as a team pay everyone shares similar to the pirate system everyone works the shares in the loot but most importantly keep prices low offer easy renewable things and clime the latter ex start with
    then do more expensive things
    glow stone
    exp bottles
    also set a limit ex 3 dc
  12. there used to be a team that would just sit at that big stone gen farming smoothe stone and selling it. was awesome. now i can hardly find people to sell me stone in bulk
  13. Need more opinions and thoughts to make sure that there is a market and that I am not wasting time cause I would love to get back into EMC.
  14. like everyone else said, the bulk demand is there, that's why people that start bulk services end up ending their bulk service, they can't keep up. so there is no problem with demand. if you are just coming back to emc I suggest doing something you find fun. If this is what you find fun, have at it.