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  1. Didn't find one, so why not make one. This thread will have people's opinions about highly controversial things in the news and stuff. Ill update the thread with new debates when other ones get old


    1. Marriage!
    Yes, everyone is in hype about it. Should same-sex marriage be allowed?

    The stats:
    53% of people support same-sex marriage

    My opinion:
    Same-sex marriage, I don't support it, I'm not against it. I'm not Switzerland in this BUT I'm not gonna argue for one side or another. Although, NOT TRYING TO OFFEND ANYONE OUT THERE, the photo of the 2 lines with the red background that supports same-sex marriage, I think that as a Facebook profile pic or an EMC profile pick is KINDA a ban wagon. Although, yes, some people might auctially research it and set it as your profile, but LOOK AT THE FACTS! The picture came around AT EARLIEST YESTERDAY. Now millions of people have it as there profile pic. I have seen EMC people with that profile picture. I'm cool with that if you support something and believe in it. IF YOU BELIEVE IN IT IT'S OK! IF ITS TO JOIN A BAN WAGON, JOIN A FANDOM! No a highly debatable thing you know nothing about it.

    People on EMC with the profile picture, good job, stand up for what you believe! If you set it just to go along with the trend, please either research the topic and then believe in your stand or change it. I believe the people on EMC truely believe there beliefs.


    You all rock :)
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  2. It should be allowed. It harms NO ONE, so what's the point in banning it?
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  3. xD lol

    Anyway, Im not offended by the way everyone has their own opinion. I just want to say, I think its wrong the government can tell us who we can and can not marry even through its a free country. Also debates and votes at the capitol always come back to the bible, yet church and state are suppose to be separate sooo fail on the government there.

    I know some people are like "NO WE SHOULDNT ALLOW IT RAWR IMMA FLIP THIS TABLE." yet their not the one going through the commitment they can marry JimBob they dont got to marry JennieStew if they dont want.
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  4. That's a good point! Now in the spirit of debate (REMEMBER IM NEUTRAL, I just like debating and see if people can stick up for there views) It's harms no one but themselves... Great point but! A drug addict could say his drug hurts no one but himself. Just like same-sex marriage, it hurts no one but themselves and the government is trying to protect people and make them think twice

    That point probably sucks :p remember that point is for a debate, I'm not against you
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  5. Because drugs ARE bad for people. Even if someone says the drug isn't hurting anyone other than themselves, it is. (Other than Marijuana, but that's a different debate that should probably not be carried out on EMC.) Same sex marriage doesn't affect anyone. It might affect the people's family, but other than that, it really has no effect.
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  6. GREAT! I love how you are sticking up for what you believe!!! I agree with the church and state point. Fine, ill show my hand: exactly, the government should not control people and what the believe or what they do. I MEAN LOOK AT MY FLIPPING PROFILE PICTURE!!! I'm against the government saying what we can and cannot see! So there's my opinion
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  7. Good! You are a good debater! You win :)

    Let me make my view clearer: I believe the government should not control what we see,do to ourselves, what we drink, or what we believe. So my believe is not just towards same-sex marriage it's towards CENSORSHIP and that crap
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  9. Yes I think the governments should learn to stand back at some points. Yes I get that some things must be controlled, I wouldn't want idiotic humans running free where ever they please if it hurts the environment more then they are not. Example: Lets go burn the rain forest down! or Let poach all these animals.
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  10. I know, just threw it in for the current debate. :)
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  11. What's wrong with gay marriage? Nothing. Sure, your religion might not agree, but does that really affect you?
    Are you really going to deny people the right to marry whoever they want, just because you feel that it isn't right?

    (Stronger argument when I'm not doing homework. :p)
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  12. Yes! LETS GO BE A MENTAL FREAK AND SHOOT 27 PEOPLE! NO NO NO! Yes the government should control that but it's what I said

    I believe the government should not control what we see,do to ourselves, what we drink, or what we believe
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  13. Btw, hope you guys have the same opinion. :D for everyone were all happy not angry at each other.

    I agree
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  14. So many pictures of those red lines...
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  15. Ill have to stop you there xD I think the government should have certain bans on things such as drinking. Like here you are not allowed to drink Alcohol till you are 21. I don't want 16 year olds who can barely walk across the street without getting in trouble drinking.

    But on things such as "You can't drink Dr. Pepper or milk" yeah I can see that stand point.
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  16. Goodnight! Ill wake up and respond to other post tomorrow morning :) remember stay happy not angry at each other
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  17. The government should be able to control/stop it if I has the possibility of hurting another person. Does that help?
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  18. Same sex marriage? No. Same sex civil unions? Absolutely yes! Contrary to popular belief (this is aimed at everyone, not any single person in particular), marriage is not a government term. And if we are going to protect freedom of religion and religious rights (besides anything to do with taxes - they should all have to pay them), then the government cant just go in and steal their terms. Civil unions and marriage are legally seen as the same thing, its just that one is a government term, and the other is a religious term. Keep the two separate, and 99% of the population is happy.
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  19. Great Debators we have on EMC! I am going on trip but I will respond to this when I can whih will be in a few hours

    On the issue of government control, should the government control gun and gun laws? Is it bad hat Obama is trying to take away our guns?

    Ill respond to this after I hear your opinion