(OPEN) SMP5 tunnel to The End!

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  1. hi i just spent like 6hr of mining a tunnel to The End on SMP5 it was hard but worth it the cords of the tunnels opening are X= -67, Y=67, Z=15. The tunnel is long so bring food with you. I dont know if people will use it but i hope some people do. It is well lit so there will pry be no mobs in it.
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  2. Nice work! The best part is, you can't really grief a tunnel XD
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  3. >inb4 grief
  4. But you can greif the stuff in the End.

    Its nice of you to do this, but in all, it probably a bad idea, simply because this gives griefers a straight line to The End.
  5. >pour liquid in tunnel
    >dig holes in tunnel
    >block tunnel
    Tunnels can be griefed
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  6. Great job man, I'll definetally check it out! :D
  7. Stop giving the griefers ideas! :p
  8. I will try to keep the tunnel from being griefed, for The End it"s already griefed from the enderman and greefers that come to it.
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  9. It is good for community something like that
  10. RobbieJo leads an anti-griefing organization, she could allocate you a dedicated anti-grief team if she identifies a need for the tunnel to be patrolled.
  11. that would be nice
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  12. so far i already have seen 2 people using it
  13. But I bet some more have used it by now cause I was on for only 12 min to see
  14. Hmm I'll have to look at it today.
  15. carnt find it lol
  16. U at the right cords it's a cobble walkway, that leads to a tunnel sticking out of a pond like 20 blocks from spawn
  17. theirs walk ways and tunnels every wear lol

    o dm found it lol
  18. This seems pretty sweet I'll have to check it out sometime.
  19. I have a personal end portal on a different Smp and Im not saying what Smp its on. Thats a nice thing youre doing there.
  20. i wanna do another thing but i dont know what anyone got a idea ?