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  1. description: in this job u will be required to collect DC's (double chests) of blocks such as cobble obsidian and wood.
    pay: you will get paid 45% of the money i would make selling the DC of blocks
    for all inquiries please MSG me in game or on the forums for further information
  2. i doubt this would work. If someone got a DC of blocks themselves, they could just sell it themselves and get 100% profit, since they're doing 100% of the work. From what you said, it doesn't sound like your doing any work, just getting what the other person worked for and selling, and somehow getting 55% profits for 0% effort.

    You should also get a mod to put this in the correct section in the forums, as it should be in Products, Businesses, and Services.
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  3. it works so far i have 8 people working for me
  4. Why would someone gather thousands of rupees worth of blocks like obsidian(which is a pain to get) go and only make 45% when they can get 100%. I don't understand this. I am sorry.
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  5. thats what i was thinking
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  6. do u want 100k or 45k. Idk what the obvious answer is.
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  7. Let's not slander his business guys.
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  8. well obviously people are not worried about that because i now have 17 staff members
  9. but have they given you a DC of items yet at all? or just said 'I'll work for you'
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  10. the reason why iam doing this is to help those who are new to empirecraft. yes they may not make a huge amount of money but 10K was alot when i started off and i think it wouldve been the same for you.
    and yes i have had multiple DC's of blocks supplied such as cobblestone, stone, snow, ice, all the woods, and a SC of obsidian so far
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  11. How much are you paying per dc of cobble or stone
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  12. half of what i would sell the DC for in my shop
  13. ok i can understand this. so he basically has a buy/sell shop then
  14. i don't re auction the items if that's what you's thought i was doing
  15. I can't log in and check your shop. Which is why I asked here.
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  16. But let's say a new guy collects a DC of sand for you and you sell it for 5k. They could get like 2k of that or they could sell it themselves for 5k..

    Now, I think you have a good business model but you're applying it in the wrong place. It works in places like GameStop and Amazon, because they have a mass intake of customers all the time and people always buy from them pretty much no matter what. However, here in Minecraft, it's just as easy to sell something as a new player as an old-timer. What you're basically doing is charging a commission (a rather large one..) for selling the product for the new player when they could really just advertise it a bit in chat or make their own post on the forum and get the 100% price that they earned through grinding to get the items.

    I understand how you may want me to remove this post and please let me know if you do. I'm just putting my 2 cents in. :)
  17. True. But some people are lazy. Even though a player may have to "work hard" to gather a chest of goods, it may be (mentally) simple in comparison to setting up a shop and advertising or posting an auction. Plus people like instant gratification. That item they want to buy they can have sooner if they just had enough rupees now!

    As far as doing this with the objective of helping new players: Well, I don't want to try and question your motives behind your business, and I don't know what the standard percent deviation between buy/sell prices for these types of items in a player shop is, but there is a balance between "helping others" and taking on the up-front cost of buying items that may take awhile for you to sell and recoupe your monies on. Most player shops regulate this by limiting the amount of space in their shop storage so there is a max number of an item you can sell to the shop. If you are buying DCs of material, you are out much more up front and remember you can only run one auction per account at a time.

    I'd like to say if I were to run the same kind of program that I'd give newer players a higher percentage, but then again some of you may be a little harsh in your criticizm. Plus if somone is willing to buy or sell at a certain price without doing their research, then that's on them. This is also just a game, so it's not like anyone is advocating child slave labor or anything.

    In the end if people are being taken advantage of then someone will start a competing business that is more reasonable and will put this one out of business.

    (If some of these comments have already been made, please excuse me. I started this post on my lunch break and am now just finishingit, on my phone so it's not too easy for me to check the fresh posts.)
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  18. no im am allowing them to make rupees easier so they can expand there shop and so on
  19. But they can just use what they get to supply their own shop. Right?