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  1. It's official - I've been on EMC for one year now and I'd just like to make this thread to thank a couple of people and say some things.
    I've met some truly amazing people who I'll never forget, some have left along the way, but I'll still remember them also. It's one of the best things I've ever done, joining this server. It's got such a lovely community, who are willing to help and support each other in every way they can.
    The staff team are some of the funniest people I've ever met, they never fail to make me laugh. We're also lucky to have them, most servers don't, and it's a mess.
    So, here's my list of people I'd like to thank:
    My dog, my goldfish, Bob, my neighbours... Just kidding lol

    • Everyone at the ME outpost : - you guys are so kind to each other and help each other so much. I'm so lucky to be a part of your outpost. Especially Petunia, you've really helped me over the last few days :)
    • All my friends: - Including, She_Wolf, Crazy_TJ, uk_x_warlocks123, and everyone else - you know who you are. You never fail to make me laugh and always find a way to make me feel better.
    • A special thank you so fBuilderS: - you've made me laugh so much and I've had such a good time with you. I'm so sad that you're leaving, and I hope you come back and visit us again soon. I've promised myself to never forget you.
    • Everyone else: - I'd like the thank the whole community, you make this server such a nice place to be. :)
    Now, there was going to be a party, however it did get cancelled, due to change of plans. I wanted to mark this day in some form, so I thought a thread was good enough.

    Thank you for reading, and I'm looking forwards to seeing what the next year will bring :)
    (I hope I've posted this in the right section, forum things isn't my strongest area)

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  2. Happy 1 year! :D
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  3. Thank you:)
  4. Happy 1 year Hannah :D
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  5. Thank you :D
  6. /mail get 1
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  7. Happy 1 year! :)
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  8. Welcome to the Empire! Oh wait, wrong comment, sorry :D

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary. I'm with FB up there (give me a few moments though) so be sure to follow up on his advice with: /mail get 2.

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  9. Congrats on reaching your year :)
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  10. Thank you both so much :)
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  11. Haha Thanks so much, Shel! What a lovely thought, you shouldn't have :)
  12. Thank you, Fin. Hope to speak to you soon =)
  13. Congrats on one year!
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  14. happy 1 year
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  15. Thank you :)
  16. happy one year Hannah buddy
    ill drop by again when i wanna get robed lol jk
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  17. Hahah thanks Tom ;)
  18. Wait, you thanked me for that? The real present is on your 3rd (or maybe 4th)
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  19. Oh... Will check now