One of the greatest debates to ever come to smp8

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Who di?

Qwerty189 13 vote(s) 65.0%
Defne_the_Boss 7 vote(s) 35.0%
  1. We must settle the age old riddle once and for all.

    Who di? Me or defni?

  2. One does not simply be the di
  3. You wish
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  4. I would have been first! But noo! I have to be ninja'd. :eek:
    Qwerty di
  5. Nununununununununununu
    defne di
  6. Nununununununununununu
    defne di
  7. Nu
    u ded
  8. Nice forum alt. ._.
  9. What is that?
  10. Oh, I see it now. :oops:

    qwerti, wai u b so mean? *cri*
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  12. ...
  13. This is totally out of hand.

    I think we can all consider that:

    1. Qwerty189 is one of the owners of TTMOF, and therefore is more experienced with the wild and goes out there more frequently.
    2. Qwerty189 is also with hashhog3000 a lot, who dies on a daily basis due to his schedule.

    The odds of Qwerty dying are much higher than those of defne.
  14. However, hashhog has died enough for three people, meaning that I will not di until hash gets another person to di with him.
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  15. You're all just jealous ;)

    (said the one who didn't even read the whole thread)
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  16. But.. what are we jealous about? :eek:
  17. Does it really matter which one of you died, as hashhog is the King of dieing. :rolleyes: