Once upon a time, I had money. Then this happened.

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  1. I can't see shit! :p
  2. How many 100k items is that?
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  3. lemme grab my glasses, yup still can't read that. Could we by chance make it smaller ?
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  4. Just watch these 100k items not get raised much in value when they get taken off from /shop
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  5. Broke up the pictures so you can read it now.
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  6. lol right
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  7. What happened here?
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  8. Jeeeeez! 1,300,000 worth of that stuff?? :eek:
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  9. It was out of order XD Fixed.
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  10. And you couldn't donate to my mall...
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  11. I was too poor.
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  12. That is some "shear madness"
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  13. How funny would it be if we announced we're selling those items in the future?
  14. 1.5 million rups :p

    Ok Nccoryg

    For 2k each
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  15. You called?
  16. I'm broke btw.
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  17. holy shit xD
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  18. Totally on topic, yes.
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  19. Kinda.
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