On a proxy. Can't see connect address?

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  1. I'm on a proxy trying to work out it's bugs, and when I'm on this site I can't see any information about the servers, except their launch date. Any answers?
  2. Can you provide a screenshot?
  3. For most proxy websites you will need to type the letter 's' here: https://example.com/ ... this changes the website mode to secure mode... if that doesn't work ... go into your browser's internet options ... should be under settings (might be under security or proxy options ... if you don't see those in options hit advance options) ... and add the website into the trusted sites section - and make sure you add the s after http

    hope this helps - ekl
  4. Alexschrod - if I knew how to post a screen shot on here I would. ekl - I tried that and it didn't change a thing :(
  5. or preferably just do not use a proxy...

    EMC does not condone the use of proxies and work is likely to be done in the future to block them more.
  6. What have you got against proxies? I'm just curious, I see them as more beneficial than harmful, but perhaps I'm naïve. :p
  7. Well, Roblikescake used them for his 7+ accounts and uh...he turned out to be a pretty horrible person.
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  8. I work in the internet industry where people who use them are people who want to hide who they really are, which is 99% of the case, bad guys.
  9. The only "legit" cases I've ever really seen for using a proxy on a gaming site is for bypassing school filters, but EMC does not encourage or support children breaking their schools rules or neglecting their school work for EMC.

    So point is, proxies have no real place here.
  10. People still have the right to privacy. Not that I'm saying that Empire.us does anything intrusive, but privacy is a human right, if people want to cover their tracks, they should be able to.
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  11. Rights are all a bit worryingly murky on the internet though..
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  12. Could you elaborate?
  13. Yes BUT thanks to some jerks, the rest of us have to deal with regulations put in place. EMC doesn't want Proxies because:
    For example Roblikescake used to be a member. He came on here and boasted about having 7+ accounts, most of which he connected through proxies. He started drama and sent people viruses and hacked accounts.

    Also there's probably something here about them being able to refuse them etc. but I don't want to misquote: http://empireminecraft.com/help/terms
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  14. Well, when you're on the internet, websites constantly collect information about you. You are kind of giving them permission to this by being on the internet, but were you asked if you wanted them to collect the information, then you would probably say "no". Therefore, where the right to privacy comes in is a bit unclear, as obviously such rights were written down pre-internet.

    That's an example that I spent nearly no time thinking of, but that's the kind of thing I mean :)
  15. Fair enough, you win the discussion. You shall receive your medal in 3 working days.
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  16. The Norwegian government is working on some sort of "data storage" bill, that will require all ISPs to record everything their customers do for something like six months at a time. Suffice to say, once that law comes into effect, I will be using whatever means I can to get around it. Not because I'm a criminal or because I have anything to hide, but because I find my privacy to be more important than their stupid chase after copyright violators and whatever else they think they have the right to use extremely intrusive surveillance on the entire population for.
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  17. Why does everything have to be a debate? -.- I just asked for a little help. thanks anyway.
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  18. Human nature, probably.
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  19. I often wonder the same thing. Hope you get your issue sorted out.
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  20. You're absolutely right.

    However, we also have a right to know who's playing on our servers to make sure all of our other members are protected. And people who choose to not be open about that, have the right to play on the thousands of other servers out there, if they choose. :p