On a lighter note..............

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  1. May I just say that that I am thoroughly enjoying my time on EMC. A big "Thank You" to ICC, Aikar, Max and all staff and mods for such a well run server. Also congrats to all new Mods and I'm sure you will do great...... Back to fighting enraged for me!!!!!

    We'll done again. :)
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  2. This is all I could think of to say - ^
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  3. Not everyone is angry about the new mods, and I couldn't agree more! I'm fairly new to the server, less than 150days old, and since I've joined many things have improved my gaming experience
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  4. Wait people are angry about the new mods? Why?
  5. Stupid reasons as usual.
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  6. Anyways back to the TOPIC of this thread...

    What type of sword do you use to fight enraged mobs? o3o
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  7. Hi... I'm using

    Sharpness 5
    Knockback 2
    Looting 3
    Fire Aspect 2
    Unbreaking 3. :)
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  8. Oh cool!
    :p I really need a sword like that ; w ;
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  9. It cost me 10k in an auction but has been well worth it....especially not having to cook the chicken/beef etc. ;)
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  10. xD I used to have a sword like that and kept killing cows.
    Two days and I got like 8 stacks of steak xD
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  11. Yeah.....makes slaying enraged a lot easier too :)
  12. I plan on using my flaming mob launcher.
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