OMG So much bad login!

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  1. I understand this is NOT an EMC issue, but whenever I try to log into any server it just says bad login. I have tried my brothers account re logging my client, checking minecraft servers... It says that all of minecraft's networks should be up, and no matter how many accounts I try, or how many re-logs, it just doesn't stop telling me: "bad login" Any help would be appreciated
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  2. oh thank god I thought it was only me yeah its happening a lot
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  3. I've been having this issue as well and to fix it I click on "edit profile" on the launcher and then save my profile without changing anything. Alternatively I've heard resetting your internet or computer can work.
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  4. If you just spam it, it usually works eventually
  5. i hope lol

    EDIT:Does not work sadly
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  6. Me too. -_-
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  7. Are any of you who are having a problem using Magic Launcher 1.2.2? I updated mine yesterday and was getting the same error. I went back to the Minecraft Launcher using version 1.6.4 to fix the problem.

    I can probably reconstruct what I had before with my mods and so forth but might not bother because of how close we are to an update(hopefully).
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  8. Every other server I play on works, but when I try to pull up SMP9, it says Bad Login. I have tried to log in for 3 days straight. :(
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  9. Such Bad Login

    So Mad

    Such Dumbness

    Such silly mojang

    Much Doge

  10. I need this to fix NOW
  11. From what I've heard, EMC just needs to restart their servers and they'll be all good.
  12. I beg you ICC the god of all EMC, Please restart!
  13. yea im using magic launcher, I don't think its 1.2.2 though
  14. The restart actually made the Bad Login situation worse for me. :p
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  15. This is not just EMC so nothing like rebooting really helps. Mojang just needs to fix it on their side
  16. i heard it was some kind of mini update they sneaked in to try and get servers to upgrade to 1.7
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  17. Same. I logged on just a couple of seconds before the server restarted and it let me in then when I tried to join back once the servers had restarted, I got bad login. :eek:
  18. Ok guys, and i mean everyone above. They are working on a fix and it is all 1.6.4 servers... mojang is aware, all we can do is wait. And if you dont believe go to the #minecrafthelp irc server.ts login message on there, Not even restarting will help. sorry :/
  19. Why would they do that without telling us? Anyway, this is not just EMC, every other server is experiencing the exact same issue.