OMG [Realms Available in Canada]

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  1. Yes, but it costs money :/ I ain't gonna pay for something I can do myself :p
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  2. Haha, we were earlier :D
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  3. But that proves that Mojang thinks Canada is better than the US
  4. Not really, we've had it for a while now I believe... And they gave us the beta :p
  5. Lies. The US never had realms yet.
  6. Discrimination I see.....
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  7. Er, what is so great about Realms, if I may ask?
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  9. Lol, attempts to try to make a nationality look better, fails miserably. In fact, if we go by Kyle's logic, Mojang thinks Canada is a pretty lame place. Also, this just proves that the OP is not Canadian in any form.
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  10. You get to pay for something, even tough you live in your mom's basement, work two hours a day at McDonnalds, and finally get to experience the thrill (and regret) of buying for the first time in your life.
  11. Well that insult wasn't called for towards Emc community. Would best in the future keep those kind of comments to yourself before community members come after you or staff has to intervene with type of behavior.
  12. Sorry, I'm not thinking straight. I'm so stupid to say something like that. :( Should take a nap, or something. Have had a bad headache today :(
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  13. Don't think about it that way. Everyone makes mistakes.
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