OMG EMC Trading Card Game

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  1. I actually already have multiple cards and the basis of the game in my head.. haha... too much time on the brain.
  2. Lol, I like this quote
  3. I don't see how this can get out of hand quickly..
  4. I want one! With lava walls, of course.
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  5. Having never played a trading card game, I have no point of reference for most of this stuff.

    but cards are nice, so make more.
  6. oh oh oh do me!
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  7. A trap like card.. used to effect the field. If people had pictures or drawings they want used.. I can make the cards.. the drawing part is the hardest xD
  8. "vlunerable"

    you know what you need to do.
  9. Got two typos on the card "if one is a plyer they can pu the player on the field"

    Anyway, the idea is nifty, whats the overall plan with it all?
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  10. Smooch... Do me... I can enable PvP for a short time... xD Lol these are great keep going
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  12. Um, Are these available at Wal-Mart to be bought? If they are, how much a pack?
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  13. The suit on chickeneer makes him look... Like... Sle____r m_n
    Don't wanna say the entire word lol
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  14. Over 9,000.
  15. I lol'd at chickeneer

    <Removed due to far too many that's what she said opportunities>
  16. Take him out to dinner first.
  17. 10k says you do me :D
  18. Let's not get illegal here..
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