Olympic games 2020

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  1. I am so excited for seeing what is the place selected for the Olympic Games of 2020; I live in Madrid and everyone is crazy here :D (I don't think Madrid will be chosen though :( )
    >What is your oppinion?
  2. London!
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  3. I can't wait for the Olympics too. Currently Madrid is one of three places that could be chosen so it could happen.
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  4. Again? I don't think that's even possible.
  5. California!
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  6. I think that its about time Canada hosted a summer games again
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  7. Netherlands!
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  8. In a few minutes...
  9. Between: Istanbul/Tokyo/Madrid
  10. Tokyo (Even though I live in the UK so we hosted it last year)
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  11. Hype... In a few seconds...
  12. Oh okay 30 min.
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  13. ohhhh...
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  14. Ikr
  15. Is this on NBC? I must see it!! My pick is Tokyo, they've got all the money they could want to spend on this thing.
  16. Ya, I think it should be Madrid!
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  17. 3 minutes left :)
  18. Heh, the "Oh Ok 30 Mins" post was exactly 30 mins ago for me :p
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  19. I live in Vancouver :D Winter Olympics 2010!
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