Old Tutorial

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  1. These are a few screenshots of the old tutorial from above in a secret room in a secret location.
    2013-12-24_16.33.54.png 2013-12-24_16.34.36.png porphyrian stalking.png
    And then there is porphyrian on the hunt to see what I found
    What were you doing here Aikar?
    Familiar red flooring

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  2. This is not all that hard to find :p
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  3. Where is it :p
  4. lol, I'm not gonna tell you just like that. It's one of the easter eggs EMC has. It'd ruin the fun if I blatantly told everyone where they are.

    Walk around, look and thou shall find!
  5. LE hint...
    _____ on ______________ under _____bag of popcorn________potato________Teh Leopluradon will show us teh way!_____Potato.
  6. All I will tell you is that it is on a huge res (I found on smp4, should be on all older servers)